A young student receives more than €40,000 from his bank, which stole a... song from him

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:47:30

A banking institution in Kenya was forced to pay a nice jackpot to one of its customers for a very specific reason, which we explain to you .

Eric Obiero Nyadida is a happy man today!

After years of a long legal battle, this student kenyan has just received more than 40,000 euros from its bank , guilty of stealing a… song from him.

The establishment was indeed forced by justice to pay this money to the young man after having used music created by the latter, without his permission, in a commercial.

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His bank steals a song from him, he gets more than €40,000 in compensation

The story begins in 2013 when Eric, then 16 years old, records a piece of music which he sends to a local bank (Equity), so that it can use it, in exchange for a sum of money, as part of a project supposed to promote a student program.

So far, so good !

The teenager will even go so far as to sign a contract with the establishment to somehow formalize this remuneration, but things will not go as planned.

Because if the bank is going to use the music for commercial purposes, it will however voluntarily omit to credit its creator and will never pay him the promised money.

Worse, she will push the vice to appropriate the piece, accusing Eric of having invented this story from scratch.

An Equity bank in Nairobi (Kenya). Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

After a long trial, the young man finally won his case on Tuesday, October 25, receiving compensation of 41,200 euros for his intellectual property rights.

The sum must be paid to Eric by the bank, which was also ordered to pay him an additional 2,000 euros after suing him for 'false' when he tried to assert his rights.

In total, the young man therefore recovered the modest sum of 43,200 euros.

A happiness and a relief that he wanted to share on Twitter.

« After a decade-long battle in court with my lawyers, the judges ruled in my favor twice. I thank God for allowing justice to prevail “He thus rejoiced on the famous social network.

The young student, now 22, now hopes that this legal victory will encourage other artists, victims of intellectual property theft, to file a complaint against the culprits.

Source : West France