A week after celebrating her 100th birthday, this woman runs 5 km in 1 hour and 31 seconds

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-15 19:02:01

A year ago, a 99-year-old woman took part in a 5 km race for the first time, which she finished in an hour. A year later, the now 100-year-old woman again ran 5 km in 1 hour and 31 seconds.

In Connecticut last year, a woman like no other took part in a local 5K race. The runner was Marion Mic Roberts, a 99-year-old woman. Accompanied by her pearl necklace, the old lady finished the race in 56 minutes.

A year later and a week after celebrating her 100th birthday, Marion decided to take part in the course . This time, she completed the 5 km in 1 hour and 31 seconds. Before her 99th birthday, the centenarian had never participated in such a marathon, which proves that it is never too late to start a new activity.

At 100, she runs a 5 km race

If Marion had the idea to participate in the race, it is above all thanks to her family. For some years, the Grandmother was going to cheer on his grandchildren who were taking part in the Connecticut race. On a whim, her son Chuck then offered to participate, which she accepted.

On the occasion of its second race, the centenary wore a blouse and slacks and was accompanied by her son Chuck and daughter-in-law Donna.

'She's 40 years older than me and she's not slowing down. She sets the tone, and we follow her. , said her daughter-in-law.

Photo credit: Lori Riley / Hartford Courant / TNS

To keep herself busy and motivated while she ran, Marion listened to Franck Sinatra. Thanks to her excellent course, the centenarian was voted winner among the runners over 80 years old. She received a round of applause when she crossed the finish line, received a medal from the race organizers, and many runners asked her for a photo. All this excitement surprised Marion, who had not expected such enthusiasm.

“I thought it looked fun. I just thought I would do it and come back at the end and go home. I didn't expect all of this.' , she confessed.

The centenarian is in good physical condition

In her life, Marion has always been active. When she was younger, she gave dance lessons and loved to ski. She also played a lot of golf, until she was forced to stop at the age of 80 due to a shoulder injury.

“She takes only one medication a day. She is in perfect health, it is her attitude. She overcame a lot of hurdles and carried on.' , said her daughter-in-law.

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Despite the health difficulties that Marion may have encountered, she has always wanted to resume physical activity and fight. Two years ago, the old lady broke her pelvis and was infected with Covid-19.

Today, she is used to walking more than 3 km a day, is a fan of petanque and loves to play bridge very late in her residence for the elderly.

Source : News Tribune