A vet advises you to avoid these 4 breeds of cats and here's why

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 14:41:02

Do you want to adopt a cat but you don't know which breed to choose? To help you, this veterinarian made a video in which he lists the 4 breeds of cats to avoid.

It is estimated that there are 79 different cat breeds listed in the world. Suffice to say that the choice is vast when you want to adopt a feline but you do not know which breed to choose. While each animal has its own character and health issues, some breeds are more fragile than others.

To help you make your choice, a veterinary Englishman named Ben posted a video on TikTok in which he reveals the 4 breeds of cats to avoid. Her video quickly went viral as it racked up 2.5 million views. The veterinarian's choices are totally personal and based on his experience.

The Persian

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Persian is a cat breed known for its long hair, which makes the animal adorable. However, this cat suffers from many health issues because of its flattened face. As his nose is turned up, he often suffers from respiratory problems. In addition to this, this cat may have heart, kidney and dental fragility.

Le Scottish fold

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This cat of Scottish origins has the adorable particularity of having ears folded forward. While this physical feature is cute, it represents a problem with the cartilage that extends throughout the body. Thus, this cat often suffers in the joints and can be a victim of painful arthritis from an early age.

The Sphynx

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This cat is very original since it has no hair. Unlike the first two breeds of cats, the Sphynx has no particular health problems. Thus, if the veterinarian placed this breed in his classification, it is only for a personal reason: he prefers to stroke a cat with hair.

And Bengal

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Renowned for its magnificent fur with many patterns, the Bengal stands out for its strong temperament. This big cat is a mix between a domestic cat and a wild cat. Thus, he has a strong character and may have behavioral problems. A characteristic to take into account before adopting a Bengal.

Source : TikTok