A Tiktokeuse accidentally buys a sofa for 100,000 euros and demands money from her subscribers

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 10:56:02

In the United States, a woman claimed to have accidentally bought a sofa for the amount of… 100,000 dollars. The one followed by nearly 8 million subscribers on TikTok begged her community to help her financially.

Her name may not mean anything to you, but Quenlin Blackwell is a TikToker American followed by 7.9 million subscribers. A week ago, one of his posts went viral within days.

In a video, the 21-year-old claims to have accidentally bought a sofa in the amount of 100,000 dollars (103,680 euros), during a virtual auction. And the least we can say is that the latter bitterly regrets his recklessness.

Photo credit: TikTok

According to her, she did not hesitate to divulge the information relating to her bank card when she saw the offer which she did not take seriously: “J I just made an offer for a sofa, and I was kidding. I was kidding, but I entered my card info, and it charged my fucking account (…) I have to park right away because I'm about to throw up “, she explains in the clip.

She demands money from her subscribers

Once the shock passed, Quenlin Blackwell begged his community to give him a financial boost to keep his head above water: “ If you have a million dollars, can you donate to me? ».

Unsurprisingly, his publication did not go unnoticed on the platform since it garnered more than 6.5 million views. In the comments, Internet users openly mock the TikTokeuse. Indeed, they do not understand why she communicated her bank details if she did not intend to buy the overpriced piece of furniture.

Photo credit: TikTok

Real crying or acting performance?

In another video, Quenlin Blackwell revealed that she intended to create an OnlyFans account (a platform that consists of sharing erotic content for a sum of money, editor's note) to recover some of the money.

She added that she needed money to pay for dental treatment and to replace her car's rear view mirror. Also according to him, his request for reimbursement for the sofa was not made.

Since then, users have wondered if the video of the young girl is real or if it is a ploy to obtain subscriptions on OnlyFans.

Source : Unilad