A teacher tricked her students into thinking they were being watched by Santa Claus

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-05 19:18:01

Here is a trick that would have annoyed Maria Montessori: a teacher makes her students believe that Santa Claus is watching them to keep the class quiet.

Some teachers use their imagination to reduce noise in the classroom. For her part, this teacher preferred to make her students believe that the Santa Claus watched them constantly to avoid any rowdiness.

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The behavior of the mistress shocks a mother

It all started when one of the kids asked him about a little red light on the wall in the room. Faced with this situation, the teacher explained that it was Santa's camera. Visibly upset, a little boy expressed his concern to his mother after school. Shocked, the mother hastened to tell this story on the Mumsnet forum.

« My son asked me if he had been watched all this time so I told him that the mistress was joking. I don't think she should have said that, but my husband thinks I may be too sensitive about it she wrote, while asking users for advice.

Unsurprisingly, his publication quickly went viral, and many parents did not hesitate to give their opinion. Some understand the reaction of the woman, others feel that she ' thinks too much » :

« I'm sure it was a joke. Tell him it's not true and end of story ». « It's stupid, but your answer fixed the problem and I won't worry anymore “, can we read among the many comments.

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However, a surfer invoked the sensitivity and fragility of children. Some time later, the main concerned published another message: “ To be clear, I'm not going to complain or argue with the teacher. My son has an excellent teacher whom I respect. I thought it was a strange thing that he might think he was being watched ».

Joke or not, the story invented by the mistress created a stir!

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