A soldier returns from his mission earlier than expected and surprises his pregnant wife in the hospital

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-14 10:33:02

Returning earlier from a mission in Iraq, a soldier decided to surprise his pregnant wife by joining her at the hospital, while she was preparing for the arrival of her baby. The soldier arrived just in time because the next day, the family grew.

Crédit photo : Harold Rahming

Harold Rahming is a physician and an officer in the United States Army National Guard. For three months he went on a mission to Iraq and left behind his pregnant wife, Cara, hoping to return in time for the birth of his child.

Last month, Harold returned early from his mission and decided not to notify his wife of his return. She was in the hospital for her childbirth , to prepare for the arrival of her baby. Indeed, the delivery was scheduled for September 22, but Cara felt contractions and movements a few days earlier and the doctors placed her under observation. Knowing this information, Harold was not sure if he would arrive in time for the birth of his baby.

'There were times when I didn't think I was going to make it. , he confided. I figured I could probably make it September 22, that was sort of the plan, to maybe be there in the hospital by the time the baby arrived. »

He returns the day before the birth of his child

Fortunately, Harold was able to return from his mission earlier and arrived at the hospital on September 17. Upon arriving at the establishment and with the complicity of the medical staff, the military waited in his wife's room while she was in the bathroom, in order to surprise her. The rest is Cara who tells it with emotion.

Crédit photo : Harold Rahming

“I saw several nurses with their phones and wondered why they were filming me coming out of the toilet , raconté Face . Then I saw Harold on my left in his military uniform. There are no words to express how I felt because I didn't know he was coming home. I just knew that I was in the hospital, that the baby was coming soon. There were a lot of emotions to process, but I know the definitive emotion I felt was joy. »

After three months of absence, the reunion surprises of the couple were all the more beautiful. The baby, now two weeks old, is doing very well and is particularly calm, to the delight of his parents.

Source : Good Morning America