A Scottish woman sells a Rapunzel-style tower located in the middle of the forest without water or electricity for €91,000

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-22 17:09:01

Owner Vicki Galligan has decided to sell her tower located in Scotland and worthy of a chivalrous film. We tell you more.

And if you offer yourself a place to live in wilderness for a total disconnection from the networks? It's possible ! Vicki Galligan, of Scottish origin, has chosen to put on sale a single place : the Binn Hill Tower, located in Kinfauns, a village in Perthshire in Scotland . Seven years after buying this unusual property, with the intention of renovating it, she chose to resell this tower.

Credit: Thorntons/Insider

A tower with Gothic architecture

The four-story stone tower wasn't habitable when she bought it, and it still isn't. Asked by Insider , the owner said: “there is no electricity and the stairs at the top of the tower have deteriorated over time” . Vicki said she was never able to finish the work for personal reasons. This tower dating from 1813 to l’architecture in the Gothic style has something to please.

The top floor of the tower offers panoramic views of Perthshire and the lush nature of the region. The Binn Hill Tower in Perthshire is on the market for $91,000 or around 90,000 euros. The owner clarified that the tower had no running water or electricity. “This is the perfect home for anyone who wants to live eco-friendly and off the grid” , she concluded. So, ready to make an offer?

Credit: Thorntons

Credit: Thorntons

Source : Insider