A restaurant charges an “energy contribution” to its customers to compensate for the rise in prices

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 13:51:01

Faced with rising energy prices, a chain of restaurants has found a compromise that will not fail to make you react: it has set up an “energy contribution” on the bill.

It's no secret: the explosion in the price of energy greatly threatens the restaurant industry. Faced with this situation, a restaurant chain has found a way to keep its head above water.

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Indeed, the latter asks its customers to pay “an energy participation” at the time of the bill. And the least we can say is that this approach surprised a large number of customers, including Frédéric.

Questioned by our colleagues from RTL info, the latter wonders if this “energy participation” is legal: “ If so, will we soon add labor and waste management to the bill? “, launched the listener.

Charging for “an energy contribution”: a legal procedure?

Our colleagues therefore went to Brussels to meet Michel De Bloos, the managing director of the restaurant chain concerned. The restaurateur revealed that a notice was distributed to customers upon their arrival. This document explains that they must pay 1 euro of “energy contribution”.

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According to the owner, this amount represents the increased energy cost required to make a dish. Still according to his words, he had no other choice than to impose this sum in his 14 restaurants . The reason. He has already made all possible savings.

« Induction hobs are around 3,500 watts. Then there are fridges, a cold room, you need hot water… all that stuff is energy “, explained Michel De Bloos to the information site.

Before adding: I realized that overall, we had about 100,000 euros in increased bills for all of our restaurants. And we have about 100,000 customers a month across all the restaurants. It was simple: I told myself just 1 euro per customer ».

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Therefore, a question arises on our lips: is this solution legal. Yes, according to Me Laurent Mosselmans: “The he determination of the price is completely free between the customer and the restaurant. You can make your steak for 20 euros a day and 21 euros because the electricity goes up or because you suffered from covid. If the consumer agrees and it is displayed in writing in a completely clear way, it is perfect, there is nothing to complain about “, told the lawyer to RTL info.

Source : RTL info