A mother goes on vacation and leaves her 13-year-old son alone, without heating or food

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 16:14:01

In Hauts-de-France, a mother of six went on vacation and left her 13-year-old son alone, without heating or food. She was sentenced to one year in prison.

In Vieux-Condé, in Hauts-de-France, a 47-year-old mother of 6 children decided to take a vacation in the sun. However, she decided not to take her children with her. If she has three daughters who are adults, she is also the mother of two 8-year-old twins whom she had taken care of by their father… sentenced for possession of pornographic images.

Her last child, Jordan, was left alone at home. Aged 13, he had neither heater , no money, no food. When she left on vacation, her mother did not notify her and only left her a note when she woke up, informing her that she was going to Tunisia for 15 days with her new companion.

She leaves her son without food

The boy was discovered in the house by chance, by his older sisters. The latter went to the house during the Christmas holidays and found their brother in the cold, without money or food. The fridge contained only a few slices of vacuum-packed ham and compotes. Shocked, the sisters decided to alert social services.

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It wasn't the first time Jordan was abandoned by his mother, because the latter had already decided to go on holiday in the sun for a month, leaving him alone.

“There were a few cans, but no gas to heat them” , said Laurence Gosteau, the president of the court where the mother was tried.

Mother sentenced to one year in prison

Following the abandonment of her child, the mother of the family was tried in the court of Valenciennes this Thursday, October 6. However, she did not show up for the hearing, which further annoyed the presiding judge. His lawyer tried to justify his absence as best he could, in vain.

“She has rebuilt her life in Nice, she lives on the RSA, it was complicated to move around” , he explained.

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He also admitted that his client was immature and that she encountered 'a lot of personal difficulties'. These arguments did not convince the judge who issued an arrest warrant against the accused, sentenced to one year in prison. Unfortunately, Jordan still has the aftermath of his withdrawals. Often humiliated by his stepfather, he suffers from a feeling of abandonment as well as anxiety disorders with suicidal risks. He notably admitted that he could not sleep because he was afraid of being alone at home.

Jordan and the 8-year-old twins have all been placed in foster care, hoping they will find a better life.

Source : The voice of the North