A meter-long snake tries to enter a room and terrorizes the owner of the premises

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 20:37:02

In England, a woman had the biggest fright of her life when she discovered after her nap a snake wrapped around her half-open window.

Saturday, October 8 was a particularly eventful day for this resident of Essex, a county located northeast of London ( England ). As she woke up from her nap, she saw a three-foot-long snake wrapped around her half-open window.

Photo Credit: RSPCA/PA

Shocked, she rushed out of her room and shut the door before contacting animal welfare society RSPCA to evict the unwanted visitor. And the least we can say is that the reptile had no intention of leaving.

“Snakes are the kings of escape”

On the spot, an agent tried to find the animal, in vain: “ There was no sign of the snake at the window, so the resident gave me permission to search her room. But after thoroughly checking the laundry and other possible hiding places, the snake was still nowhere to be found. “, he confided to the Guardian.

Luckily, the latter decided to close the window because of the cold, and his gesture allowed him to find the intruder: “ That's when I saw something move. It was the snake, coiled around the windowsill. It had been very well hidden, so I was really happy to find it.

Photo Credit: RSPCA/PA

The serpent - a male identified as a serpent non-venomous wheats - was placed in a transport cage and taken to a specialized care centre. For its part, the establishment will try to find the owners of the animal.

According to Evie Button, chief scientist at the RSPCA, snakes that are used as pets tend to run away at the slightest opportunity: “ Snakes are the kings of escape and will take advantage of a gap in the door of an enclosure or an ill-fitting lid to escape. “, she explained to the news outlet.

Source : The Guardian