A man leaves to fill up... and comes back with €500,000

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 18:40:02

In the suburbs of Mulhouse, a man who went to refuel won 500,000 euros after buying a scratch game.

That's called being lucky!

While fuel crisis in full swing, a man from Brunstatt (Haut-Rhin) managed to refuel without encountering any difficulties. Only moments later, he won 500,000 euros after buying a scratch game, reports the Française des Jeux.

Photo credit: Istock

He fills up and wins 500,000 euros in the same day

This day full of surprises began when his partner asked him to go and put some gas. Once this step was completed, he decided to make a small stop in a tobacco shop to buy his two favorite scratch games: an X20 and a Cash.

And the least we can say is that the latter did well to follow his instincts. Indeed, he won the jackpot thanks to the first Game : « He takes out his favorite coin, a Canadian half-dollar found in front of his house and which has become his lucky charm », Explains the FDJ.

Before adding: When he arrives on the last square of his X20, he sees the sum of 100,000 euros associated with the multiplier X5, i.e. a gain of 500,000 euros. ».

Photo credit: Française des Jeux

Unsurprisingly, this victory fills the lucky winner with joy: “ I filled up in every sense of the word: the car and our bank account “, he confided. As stated by the regional daily DNA , the player collected his gain on October 18th.

A year ago, a homeless man in his twenties also won 500,000 euros thanks to a X20 . Still according to the Française des Jeux, only two tickets out of the 6 million sold have this prize of 500,000 euros.

Source : DNA