A man dies alone in his house, the firefighters discover that his dog had been watching over him for ten days

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-11 17:01:01

There is nothing sadder than leaving this world in the greatest indifference. This is unfortunately what happened to a resident of Cires-lès-Mello, in the Oise. Only his faithful companion remained by his side until the arrival of the firefighters.

Credit: Snizhana Galytska/ iStock

It was not until Sunday, November 6 that the emergency services got to the bottom of it. That evening, the firefighters landed in a house in Cires-les-Mello, a small town in the oise of 3900 inhabitants, when they made a sad discovery.

A man in his fifties, living alone, was found dead at his home on rue du Colombier. Named Martial, the fifties was little known to the inhabitants of the town.

The dog, a faithful companion

Credit: Tetiana Garkusha/ iStock

According to the first findings of the firefighters, Martial had already been dead for ten days when they discovered his body. An investigation was carried out to find out the causes of the death of the 50-year-old. According to the gendarmes, the autopsy carried out concluded, Thursday, November 10, with a natural death, reported our colleagues from the Parisian .

But what most surprised the firefighters on their arrival was the presence of the dog alongside his master. Thin, the canine watched for ten days over the body of his master until the discovery of the firefighters, when no one had noticed the disappearance of the fifty-year-old.

While initiatives are being put in place to try to fight against loneliness, it is reassuring to note that animals, especially dogs, are indeed man's best friends.

The faithful canine de Martial was entrusted to the Animals Without a Roof association.

Source : Mail Picard