A hunter accidentally killed by a dog that stepped on his weapon

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-25 12:05:02

A hunter recently lost his life after being fatally hit by the projectile of a rifle, accidentally operated by a... dog

It's a new drama that's sure to reignite the debate about hunting and guns.

While in a vehicle, a hunter American was accidentally killed by a… dog that stepped on a gun.

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Hunter accidentally shot by dog ​​that stepped on gun

The accident took place on Saturday, January 21 shortly before 10 a.m. in Geuda Springs, in the rural state of Kansas.

Quickly contacted by a person indicating that a certain Joseph Austin Smith, 30, had been shot in the back, the police immediately went to the scene with help.

According to the police present, the body of the hunter was in the passenger seat of a van when they arrived. The emergency services then tried everything to revive him, in vain. The man did not survive his injuries.

Photo credit: Istock

According to the first elements of the investigation, the dog was sitting in the back of the vehicle next to the hunting gear and allegedly unintentionally activated a rifle , which would have discharged instantly on the victim.

« He stepped on the weapon, causing the detonation “, thus declared the office of the sheriff of the county of Summer, which added that the investigations would continue.

The police specified that the animal belonged to the owner of the vehicle, without however specifying if the latter was the victim or if other people were present at the scene of the tragedy.

Beyond the debate on hunting, which also agitates public opinion in France, this tragic accident highlights the problem of firearms across the Atlantic.

As a reminder, in the United States, the number of weapons in circulation is greater than the number of inhabitants.

Source : CBS News