A heat wave will affect France in the coming days

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-17 17:22:03

While we thought summer was over, a new heat wave will hit France this week, with temperatures up to 10 degrees above seasonal norms.

2022 has been a very hot year, and it's not over. If autumn has started and the trees are gradually starting to lose their leaves, a new wave of heat will reach France in the next few days.

This phenomenon has already started since Sunday, as many cities in the South West of the country have recorded temperatures up to 10 degrees above normal for the season.

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The increase in temperatures is due to the origin of a mass of hot air coming from the Sahara, which is heading towards Spain and the France .

'It's a classic configuration but it should lead to heat levels rarely reached for mid-October' , explained François Jobard, forecaster at Météo-France.

A new heat wave

In the coming days, 18 to 21 degrees will be recorded on the Channel coasts, 22 to 25 degrees in the Loire and the east of the country and more than 25 degrees in certain regions. This will be the case in the Southwest, where temperatures will rise to 28 degrees.

“In many cities, we can still observe a series of 5 to 7 days of heat. We could even locally reach the threshold of 30 degrees and certain ten-day records could be approached or beaten. With an exceptional summer in the southwest, this year 2022 has already broken world records for the annual number of hot days. , said Meteo France.

This Indian summer which is coming to France could last until Thursday.

Source : 20 Minutes