A group of fishermen manages to bring up a thin 52.5 kg after 30 minutes of combat, in the Arcachon basin

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 10:30:02

A fish weighing more than 50 kg was recently caught in Gironde.

Every fisherman knows it, there comes a day when everything goes perfectly when you cast your rod.

An alignment of the planets that usually results in spectacular and unforgettable shots.

A group of fishermen from the Arcachon basin has just had the pleasant experience of managing to bring up a lean man with a height of 1.75 meters and a weight of 52.5 kilos, report our colleagues from Sud Ouest.

Photo credit: Victor Mottet

They fish a meager of 1.75 m and 52.5 kg in the Arcachon basin

Accompanied by his father and a friend, Victor Mottet, a 22-year-old engineering school student, had a perfect day fishing this big poisson , sometimes nicknamed “gruntler”, found in the waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

It must be said that all the conditions were met for such a catch because the weather was ideal and the tidal coefficient perfect.

« The fight lasted more than half an hour. We wanted to go for the tuna and ended up looking for the lean. I have already caught fish over a meter, but one like this, never! “, says Victor in the columns of South West.

Photo credit: Victor Mottet

Photo credit: Victor Mottet

Only small downside, this impressive catch could not be formalized because the trio of fishermen was unaware of the rules in force.

« We did not know the conditions for having the fish approved, but it could have been a French line record. “Explains Victor to the local media.

No matter, for him the essential was elsewhere!