A gigantic moon-shaped hotel could see the light of day in Dubai

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 14:25:07

A group of entrepreneurs wants to build a titanic hotel in the shape of the moon. This crazy project aims to launch a hotel license, the first of its kind to be in Dubai.

Credit: Moon World Resorts Inc.

Imagine a Moon giant on Earth, right in the middle of the Dubai landscape. This is the ambition of Canadian entrepreneur Michael R. Henderson, co-creator of Moon World Resorts. In the same vein as parks and hotels Disney, Henderson aims to develop a series of giant hotels that would have the shape of our Moon.

It would be a huge sphere which should reconstruct our satellite in 360 degrees with craters and a realistic texture, recalls the American media CNN . If the shape of the hotel is surprising, its size should reach 224 meters in height and 622.4016 meters in circumference, depending on the location.

A license of Moon World Resorts hotels around the world

Credit: Moon World Resorts Inc.

According to its creator, Michael R. Henderson, Moon World Resort will be “ a very luxurious and contemporary destination resort, fully integrated, with many components inside that one would already know ”, like a congress hall aimed at hosting conventions, restaurants and a spa coated in a lunar touch.

Henderson plans to have the hotel decorated in the moon theme. Thus, the interior design should recall the style of a spaceship as well as the many themed entertainment planned. It must be said that the Canadian thinks big. He plans to offer an experience to the public that reproduces the sensation of walking on the Moon.

Credit: Moon World Resorts Inc.

« We will give you the possibility during your life to walk on what you believe to be the lunar surface “, launched the entrepreneur. It will cost 500 dollars (522.46 euros) to walk on the lunar surface.

The Moon World Resorts license aims to install four other hotels of the same kind on the continents: one in North America, one in Europe, one in the Middle East and Africa North and a last one in Asia. A new space tourism without leaving Earth.