A credit card scam claims several victims in Perpignan, the gendarmerie alerts the population

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-10 15:09:12

The national gendarmerie warns of a scam currently raging in Perpignan and its surroundings. The scammers particularly target seniors.

Credit: Farknot_Architect/iStock

It's a scam well-established set up by crooks on the side of Perpignan and its agglomeration.

In the car parks of supermarkets, crooks accost store customers to extort money from them. Most of the time, it is a woman - in order not to arouse suspicion - who pretends to be an employee of the supermarket .

Seniors and retirees are particularly targeted.

A well-crafted scam

Credit: welcomia/iStock

The victims are accosted after shopping in the supermarket. The scammer in question calls them out and tells them that they have paid more for their groceries than they should have and that the supermarket must reimburse them for the overpayment.

The victims then entrust their bank card and their confidential code to the false employee believing that the error will be rectified. Except that this process allows the crooks to completely empty the bank accounts of the victims.

Several cases of this type have been identified in Rivesaltes and Pollestres and the gendarmerie nationale des Pyrénées-Orientales a mis en garde la population : « This phenomenon affects all areas, whether in the large or small towns of our department. '. The gendarmerie reminds you that you should never give your bank information or even your confidential code to anyone. Research is continuing to catch the scammers.

Source : 20 Minutes