A crab pinches his daughter, he catches her then eats her alive... before falling seriously ill

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:47:30

In China, a father fell seriously ill after eating a live freshwater crab. The man had ingested the crustacean because he had pinched his daughter.

A scene straight out of a revenge movie has taken place in Zhejiang province, China .

While standing by a stream, a 39-year-old Lu saw a freshwater crab nipping at his daughter. Faced with this situation, the father of the family picked up the crustacean before swallowing it whole while it was still alive.

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He swallows a live crab to avenge his daughter

And the least we can say is that the 30-year-old regretted his action two months later. At the time, Lu was admitted to hospital with severe lower back and abdominal pain.

Scans revealed that Lu suffered from eosinophilic gastroenteritis, a rare mild gastrointestinal disease. But that's not all ! He also had pathological changes in the chest, abdomen, liver and digestive system.

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« We asked him several times if he had eaten game, or something unusual, something that could cause allergies. But he said no said a spokesperson for the clinic.

Luckily, Lu's wife remembered that her companion had eaten a crab living two months earlier. A blood test showed that the father had been infested with at least three parasites.

« I wanted to avenge my daughter. When we were near the creek my daughter got nipped by a little crab so I got mad and put it in my mouth as revenge Lu told doctors.

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Today, the crustacean eater is fully recovered, but he still needs follow-up exams. One thing is certain: he will think twice before gobbling up a poor defenseless crab.

Source : Daily Mail