A childminder used the Covid-19 and the pretext of barrier gestures to hide 15 children she looked after instead of 3

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-23 11:58:02

By taking advantage of Covid-19 and the barrier gestures that this implied, a childminder looked after nearly 15 children at home without any parent being aware. Unmasked since, she was fired.

Credit: bernardbodo/iStock

Parents who entrusted their child to a childminder in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, in Vendee , were probably not expecting this. It was in 2021, while she was still practicing, that the investigators discovered the deception.

As the daily reports West France , the childminder was licensed to look after three children aged 0 to 3 at her home. But during the period 2021, it is finally up to fifteen children that the nanny kept at home. An illegal situation that she managed to maintain by playing the card of Covid-19 .

A deception at 6000 euros per month

By claiming to respect barrier gestures, the childminder thus prevented all the parents from meeting in the morning or from suspecting the presence of a dozen children in the house.

To do this, the childminder welcomed the parents outside the home where they left their child and his belongings in front of the porch. The fluctuating schedules of the parents meant that they never crossed paths, in the morning and in the evening. A deception which allowed him to pocket the sum of 6000 euros per month.

But in the spring of the same year, the Maternal and Child Protection (PMI) received a call to report the significant presence of children in the assistant. An investigation was launched and it was found that fifteen childcare services (Paje) mentioned this assistant.

The latter had her approval withdrawn this summer before being dismissed for serious misconduct. The parents concerned came together in a collective and filed a complaint.

Source : The Dispatch