A cat was discovered in a traveler's suitcase at the airport after being X-rayed

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-24 16:45:02

On November 16, an unusual scene occurred at JFK airport in New York: airport agents discovered a cat in a suitcase. The animal has since returned to its home.

A find to which agents of the airport from JKF of New York were probably not expecting. The reason ? The latter discovered Wednesday, November 16, a cat with a red coat in a suitcase, report our colleagues from NBC News.

Photo credit: Istock

Scare at JFK airport in New York

This unusual story began when the luggage in question - belonging to a traveler leaving for Orlando (Florida) - was subjected to an X-ray scanner. It was in this context that an agent noticed that some thing was wrong. And the least we can say is that the latter was right since a chat was lying inside the bag.

« A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer was shocked to find a ginger cat in a checked bag at JFK airport after it walked through the x-ray unit “said in a tweet, Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for TSA.

On the images shared on Twitter, we can clearly see the silhouette of the hairball, as well as its hair protruding from the luggage. Unsurprisingly, the stowaway, who was in good health, was taken out of the suitcase.

The cat found in the suitcase has returned to its home

Still according to the TSA, the tomcat has returned to his home. Therefore, a question is on everyone's lips: how could he find himself in such a situation? As the American media specifies, the feline does not belong to the owner of the bag, but to a person living with him.

The animal would have slipped into the suitcase without the traveler realizing it.

Source : NBC News