A 6-meter-long shark was caught in Australia, the images are impressive

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-28 20:39:02

The photo of this impressively large shark has been shared on social networks. It was discovered by a man while fishing in Australia.

Credit: Geoff Brooks/Facebook

It almost feels like being in the movie In troubled waters in which Jason Statham must face a giant creature of the depths: a megalodon. The 2018 film summons the primal fear of man by casting the shark as a threat to a crew.

Except that this time, it is indeed reality, with a few details. A shark 6 meters long was captured in the open sea on the side of the Australia . The images taken by the Internet user, Geoff Brooks, present at the time of the capture, then relayed on his Facebook account, are impressive.

We see the great tiger shark with its head caught in ropes and stranded on the fishing boat. None of the surrounding passengers is likely to fear any attack, the shark was found lifeless.

The shark found dead, the circumstances are unknown

It is off Seven Mile Beach that the sharks would have been found according to Geoff Brooks: “ I was told he was captured a little further away over the weekend “Writes the user under his Facebook post.

The local newspaper Northern Star reports the testimony of Matthew, a fisherman: i was fishing for a hammerhead shark when this huge shark appeared and swallowed it '. Despite this detail, it is not known what caused the death of the animal.

Some claim that the shark was to be sold in a local market, while others say that it had been transported to a research center.