A 13-year-old teenager slapped by a bus driver to whom he had given the finger, his mother wants to file a complaint

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 12:33:02

On September 15, a surreal scene occurred in a school bus: a 13-year-old boy received a slap from the driver after giving him a 'middle finger'.

The facts took place on Thursday September 15 in Dampierre-les-Bois ( Doubs ), around 4 p.m.

That day, a school bus driver - who made his usual connection between the Beaucourt college and the Montbéliard region - was forced to stop his vehicle because of the ruckus caused by the students, report our colleagues from the East Republican .

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As the regional daily specifies, the driver asked the passengers who were standing to get off the bus . And the least we can say is that this order did not go to a 13-year-old teenager.

He makes a bad gesture to the driver and receives a slap

Indeed, the young man did not hesitate to give the driver a “middle finger”, explains the news site. Annoyed, the agent once again stopped his vehicle to give him a slap.

Very upset, the mother of the child tried to file a complaint, without success: “ I do not understand that the Doubs gendarmerie refuses to take my complaint “, she indicated in the columns of the East Republican.

Note that the latter admitted that her son ' shouldn't have done that bad thing ».

To be continued…

Source : 20 Minutes