A 10-year-old Frenchman crowned world chess champion, unheard of since 1991

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 19:08:01

After participating in the World Chess Championship held in Georgia a few weeks ago, a 10-year-old Marseillais was crowned world champion. A feat that had not happened since 1991.

David Lacan Rus is a 10 year old boy who is passionate about chess . Originally from Chartres, he trains at the Marseille Echecs club and started playing three years ago, encouraged by his father.

“It was my dad who showed me how to play , explained David. What I like about chess is finding moves that are not easy. Sometimes it fails, the important thing is to rework the error so as not to repeat it. »

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David is so gifted in his field that he has already participated in the French chess championship, which he won in 2021, before being crowned vice-champion of France in April 2022.

He participates in the World Chess Championship

From September 15 to 28, David traveled to Batumi, Georgia to compete in the World Chess Championship. Leaving with a French delegation, he was able to challenge the best chess players in the world in his category and took part in an 11-round tournament.

Photo credit: Marseille-Echecs

Initially, all did not go well for David as he lost two games and suffered from vomiting. The boy finally recovered and chained the victories by winning five consecutive games. To counter his opponents, David does not hesitate to adopt an offensive attack and to put pieces of his game in danger to attack better afterwards.

At 10, he won the gold medal

On the last day of competition, which took place on September 28, David made it to the final round and faced the American leader Patrick Liu, whom he beat. Finally, the young Marseillais was crowned champion of the chess world in the category of players under 10 years old and won the gold medal.

“I am very moved and very happy , said Laurie Delorme, president of the Marseille chess club. It was his seriousness, his work and his investment in the game that allowed him to win. »

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This feat had not happened since 1991, the last time a French under 10 became world chess champion.

For the future, David does not intend to stop there since he is now following a preparation worthy of a professional player. He follows an online course twice a week with the Marseille club and exercises every day with his father. The boy is even supervised by a mental coach who teaches him to manage his stress during important games. A bright future for this 10-year-old boy.

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