8-Year-Old Boy Disappears While Playing Hide-and-Seek, Found Six Kilometers Away

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-24 20:35:02

The 8-year-old boy had disappeared during a game of hide and seek with his nanny and was found several kilometers away by a municipal police team.

Credit: diego_cervo/iStock

It must have been a big fright nanny of this intrepid boy. Saturday, January 21, she was part of hide and seek in the Malbosc district, at Montpellier with the boy she was caring for, when the latter disappeared from the radar.

The nanny first looked for the child alone, thinking he was around, before deciding to call the police.

Boy found safe and sound

Credit: PictureReflex/iStock

As our colleagues from Free Midi , two police crews moved to the scene around 4:15 p.m. to join the search. Around the residence and the Malbosc district, searches yielded nothing.

But almost an hour later, around 5:10 p.m., one of the two police crews finally found the 8-year-old boy at Place de la Comédie, some six kilometers from where he had disappeared. Safe and sound, the boy was walking around when the police found him. The boy justified himself by indicating that he had only taken the tram to get to the place where he was found.