73-year-old lives in rat-infested garden shed

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-24 15:54:01

In Yvelines, a 73-year-old single woman lives in a garden shed. With her seven cats, she survives in deplorable conditions without running water and surrounded by numerous rats.

Jeanine is a 73 year old woman who lives in Maule, in the Yvelines. Since the death of her husband a few years ago, the old woman claims to have been abandoned by her children and friends.

Due to extensive damage to her house and administrative problems, she was forced to live elsewhere and took refuge in a A garden's hut .

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Jeanine lives in this hut where her gardening equipment was stored. Supported by props, the place is tottering and infested with rats . As Jeanine does not have running water, she washes herself with rainwater and receives only 400 euros per month.

She lives in a garden shed

The old woman is not completely alone in this hut since she lives with her seven cats. The latter have become accustomed to the presence of rats feeding in their bowls, which makes them less aggressive according to Jeanine.

“I have lived with them for a long time. Sometimes I see them wiggling above my head, but they never attacked me.' , she said.

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In addition to living in disastrous conditions, Jeanine puts her health at risk since she is not vaccinated against tetanus, which exposes her to several diseases transmitted by rats. In addition, she uses auxiliary stoves which increase the risk of fire in the cabin.

She receives help from the Red Cross

If Jeanine manages to survive, it is thanks in particular to the help of the Red Cross local. The association's volunteers provide him with daily food aid and try to find him decent accommodation.

Currently, the members of the Red Cross hope to succeed in regularizing the survivor's pension of the old lady. The goal: to increase her income and find her decent housing so that she can live peacefully with her pets.

Source : The Parisian