7 useful courses if you don't know what to do with your CPF credits

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-26 18:38:01

Today we give you some tips for choosing useful training with your CPF credits.

Since 1 is January 2015, the personal Account of formation - introduced as part of the vocational training reform - allows all working people or job seekers over the age of 16 to receive professional training throughout their career.

Access to these many training courses is a real advantage, but it is sometimes difficult to make a choice when faced with the multitude of offers on offer.

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To help you choose, there are nevertheless specialized sites such as “ Or Formation » which offers a number of useful training courses adapted to all backgrounds.

Here are a few :

- Formation Photoshop

Famous editing and photo editing software, Photoshop is not always easy to access when you are not used to using it. However, once mastered, it can provide many services at work and in everyday life.

There is therefore nothing like adequate training to improve your skills and no longer be caught off guard.

- Formation Excel

Essential spreadsheet software, Excel is an almost indispensable tool in certain sectors.

Its mastery is therefore recommended and if its use seems complex at first sight, it turns out to be accessible especially if one has the opportunity to learn the workings of it thanks to a training provided for this purpose.

- Formation Power Point

Allied to your presentations and other presentations, Power Point is essential in many respects.

If you want to improve, opt for training and this software will no longer hold any secrets for you.

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- Training in Spanish

Mastering one or more languages ​​has become a real asset in professional life.

But at a time when English is almost essential in a global world, mastering another, less widespread language can give you an advantage on your CV.

This is why 'Or Formation' offers you, among other things, an apprenticeship in Spanish suitable for all levels.

- Training for preparation for the DCL (Diploma of Language Proficiency)

If you want to push your modern language learning even further to obtain, for example, a DCL certification (Diploma of competence in language), training preparing you for this objective is also offered.

- Training in management/Human resources

“Or Formation” also allows you to follow a course designed to train you to apply for management positions in human resources.

Planning, enumeration of priorities and the ability to lead will be taught to you.

- Accounting training

Finally, training for trades accounting is also available and offers teaching that facilitates the reading, interpretation or even deciphering of balance sheets and other data.