7 times hotter than the sun, this artificial sun created by Korean scientists will revolutionize energy

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 15:40:01

Astrophysicists from Seoul National University and the Korea Fusion Energy Institute have made a major breakthrough in the search for clean nuclear energy.

Credit: LV4260/iStock

It is in the KSTAR (Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research) reactor that the scientists South Koreans have managed to create a Sun artificial. The reactor is indeed capable of reaching extreme temperatures exceeding 100 million degrees for 30 seconds.

The website Wion , which reports the news, specifies that, for comparison, “ the sun's core reaches temperatures of around 15 million degrees '. It is nuclear fusion that powers our Sun by fusing together atomic nuclei, which is the source of the amounts of energy created.

Wion also indicates that the process used by South Korean astrophysicists is the opposite of the fission process used by nuclear power plants as well as atomic weapons.

A process to tackle the energy crisis

« We usually say that fusion energy is a dream energy source - it's almost limitless, with low greenhouse gas emissions and no highly radioactive waste - [but the latest breakthrough] means that fusion n it's not a dream explains Yoo Sukjae, President of the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy.

A dream that could perhaps allow us to fight against the global warming and the energy crisis. This fusion process does not emit greenhouse gases and would involve less risk, inform the scientists.

This artificial source of nuclear energy should make it possible to respond to the problems posed by natural energy resources. It could lead to clean energy production that generates less pollution than nuclear fission.