7 Best Vosges Ski Resorts

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-24 12:07:02

Thanks to their geographical location, the Vosges are an ideal destination for skiing. The top ski resorts in the Vosges for your holidays.

Why choose the Vosges for winter holidays?

Panoramic view of the Vosges mountain range. Credit: Fabien TWB

The Vosges are a destination very popular during winter vacation . If you want to have a good time and live new experiences without leaving France, a stay in this department is an excellent alternative. It is located in the Grand Est region and lists a dozen alpine ski resorts and Nordic ski resorts. In addition to mountain sports and culinary discoveries , you can also practice other interesting activities there such as hiking, walks in the old villages... Here are also other good reasons to leave for the Vosges during the winter season:

  • The Vosges are perfect for vacationing on a budget;
  • The Vosges offer countless activities to do with the family;
  • The Vosges offer a romantic atmosphere for your romantic weekends;
  • The Vosges have many modern infrastructures (restaurants, ski equipment rentals, souvenir shops, etc.);
  • The Vosges will make you discover a culture and rooted traditions.

So that your vacation in this department of France are unforgettable, several preparations are to be made. As skiing is one of the essential activities in this region, it is advisable to choose a station where to put your suitcases. You must also determine your budget, the number of people who will be part of the trip and above all the ski pass that best meets your expectations. To be sure to have an excellent stay, choose from the best accommodation available on site, then book your hotel a few months in advance. Indeed, during the high season, it can be difficult to find a place in the ski resorts of the Vosges.

Winters in this part of France are particularly harsh. This is why it is essential to be well prepared. Feel free to put on several warm clothes in your suitcase to be sure to enjoy your vacation comfortably.

If you are new to skiing, don't forget to take the various necessary equipment with you:

  • Ski boards;
  • Eyeglasses ;
  • Boots ;
  • Combinations;
  • Etc.

Alternatively, it is also possible to rent your equipment once on the scene. It may be interesting to find out beforehand about the schools present in the ski resort in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Finally, if you program skiing holiday with children, it is best to choose a suitable ski area. Your little ones will be able to discover the joys of skiing in complete safety.

The best ski resorts in the Vosges

Do you want to discover the pleasures of skiing during your winter vacation r? Here are 7 ski resorts not to be missed:

1- Gérardmer Vosges ski resort

A person performing jumps with a snowboard in a ski resort Credit: Artranq

Gérardmer, nicknamed ' the pearl of Vosges », is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the department. It is located on the eastern shore of the lake of the same name, near the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges. The Gérardmer ski area covers nearly 32 hectares. It offers 40 kilometers of slopes suitable for both beginners and professional skiers. As it is located at around 1150 meters above sea level, this area promises you wild descents and great sensations. A vertical drop of 400 meters will nevertheless help you find your balance and make the most of your descents. In the ski station by Gerardmer , the slopes are lit and soundproofed, allowing you to practice night skiing in complete safety. In addition to this mountain sport, you can also indulge in other activities such as sledding. Play areas for children, access to which is completely free, are also available on site.

2- La Bresse Hohneck Vosges ski resort

A family enjoying their winter vacation in the mountains. Credit: Ridofranz

For fans of cross-country skiing , La Bresse Hohneck is a destination not to be missed. This ski area of ​​approximately 89 hectares is ideal for the practice of this mountain sport. It offers 34 runs suitable for all levels with several elevation changes. Your travels will be facilitated by ski lifts that are both efficient and modern. La Bresse Hohneck is also a perfect place to spend your family winter vacation .

The estate offers different packages suitable for all ages. For children, a specific formula is implemented so that they discover mountain activities in a fun way.

The après-skis in this resort of Bresse Hohneck are also among its greatest assets. After skiing all day, you can relax in a wellness area (spa, hammam, bubble bath, etc.), enjoy good food in one of the restaurants open on site or sled . La Bresse Hohneck also has a large sports pool, a paddling pool and a slide.

3- The Lac Blanc Vosges ski resort

A skier Credit: Marcin Wiklik

Lac Blanc is also one of the best ski areas in the Vosges. It culminates at about 1200 meters above sea level and offers you a breathtaking view of the surrounding villages. This area is particularly appreciated by night skiers . Indeed, it has a space of 12 hectares  solely dedicated to this activity. Otherwise, for Nordic skiers and alpine skiers, 13 trails are available to them.

The proximity of this ski resort to the city makes it even more interesting, especially if you want to practice other activities during your stay. In terms of infrastructure, the estate has everything to make your holidays in this department of France comfortable.

Several types of accommodation are available to meet all requirements. You will also find ski equipment rental shops, restaurants, bars…

For skiers accompanied by young children, a babysitting service is present in the resort Le Lac Blanc. This service will allow them to ski with complete peace of mind while having the guarantee that their toddlers are in good hands.

4- The ski resort Markstein Vosges

The great Markstein massif. Credit: Christophe Decaix

Markstein is also among the most beautiful winter resorts in the Vosges . It is installed at more than 1185 meters above sea level with snow cover provided by snow cannons. Its ski area adapts to different practices, including alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. You will find 12 marked and fully secure trails spread over several kilometres.

In addition to professional skiers, beginners will find their happiness in this large ski area. Indeed, several schools are available on site to facilitate their initiation.

others rewarding activities are also available on site. In particular, you will find a space dedicated to sledding in rail , a snow park and several tracks for snowshoe tours.

During high season it can be difficult to find hotels in the ski resort Markstein. We therefore advise you to make your reservation as soon as possible. It is also preferable to choose your ski pass in advance to be sure to have a peaceful stay.

5- Le Grand Valtin Vosges ski resort

A couple enjoying the snow in the resort of Le Grand Valtin, France. Credit: Harbucks

If you want to spend good holidays as a couple in the Vosges massif, Grand Valtin is a destination to be privileged. With its natural and romantic setting, this ski resort promises you unforgettable moments with your better half. You can ski there in complete freedom. The resort has 40 kilometers of slopes suitable for all levels.

Between traditional skiing and cross-country skiing, the choice will depend only on you. For the more athletic, a space dedicated to snowshoes is available in Grand Valtin. The large white expanses of this massif are also ideal for hiking. Feet in the snow, you will walk for several hours while admiring a breathtaking landscape.

You will find the necessary equipment for this activity in a rental shop located in the resort. In terms of accommodation, several hotels are open nearby.

6- Moselle Vosges ski resort

A skier in the Moselle ski resort, France. Credit: anatols

To enjoy the joys of skiing and snow during the winter holidays, do not hesitate to spend a few days in Moselle. You will find several ski resorts tailored to your needs and your budget. Moselle ski resorts welcome thousands of skiers every year. They are very popular for the many activities they offer.

In addition to alpine and Nordic skiing, you can go snowboarding, sledding and snowshoe walks . At the foot of the slopes, many accommodations are available to visitors. The ski areas also list several restaurants offering succulent dishes based on local products.

Whether you are programming a stay in the mountains as a couple or as a family, you will certainly find what you are looking for among the packages offered by the Moselle ski resorts. Do not hesitate to compare the different offers beforehand in order to be sure to benefit from the best price.

7- Bussang ski resort in the Vosges

Ski lifts in a ski resort. Credit: Kisa_Markiza

For those who wish to enjoy the joys of snow and skiing away from the crowds, Bussang is a perfect destination. This small ski resort of the Vosges massif is little frequented by tourists. However, its few kilometers of track as well as its unevenness promise new sensations. You will find there in particular 3 green runs, 3 blue runs, 1 red run and 1 black run.

If you want to share the pleasures of skiing with your children, do not hesitate to choose this beautiful ski area. Once your day of skiing is over, you can indulge in other rewarding activities as :

  • The visit of the surrounding villages;
  • The discovery of the gastronomy of the region;
  • Meetings with ski enthusiasts;
  • Etc.

Just like the other ski resorts mentioned above, Bussang also has modern infrastructure . Do not hesitate to book your hotel now to be sure to enjoy your family winter holidays in the Vosges.