6-Year-Old Twin Girls Fend Off Their Mom's Abuser With... Their Toys, A Hairdryer And A Stick

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 12:56:02

In Florida, a mother found herself face to face with her abusive boyfriend in her apartment. To protect their mother, her 6-year-old twins fended off the attacker with their toys.

On September 13, two little girls saved their mother's life in Florida. Indeed, the mother's boyfriend returned to his apartment, threatening. The man was already known to the police since he had already made threats and was violent. He also committed two misdemeanors for possession of marijuana.

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Seeing that he was becoming very threatening, the mother of the family immediately called the police. While waiting for help to arrive, she received help from her two courageous little girls.

The binoculars scare away the aggressor

The 6-year-old twins positioned themselves in front of the attacker and attacked him with their toys , a stick and a hair dryer, in an effort to protect their mother.

“He threatened me , said the mother. I begged him to stop because I didn't know what he was going to do to me. It has become dark. My daughters are heroines, one took a stick and the other a hair dryer. They didn't stop. »

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This attack was enough to disconcert the aggressor , who was very surprised. During this time and with the help of her daughters, the mother was able to take refuge in a bathroom to be safe, and the man finally fled.

“The twins grabbed toys, a stick and a hair dryer and started pushing the attacker away to protect their mother. With the help of her daughters, the latter was able to retire to a bathroom for more security. , can we read in the police report.

Once there, the police managed to arrest the suspect shortly after he fled, and the individual was taken into custody. The binoculars were dubbed “little heroines” for their courageous response.

“They protected their mother , said the neighbor of the small family. It's a good thing they did that. Thanks to them, their mother is still there today. »

Source : Insider