6 Photoshop tricks that will change your life

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-26 18:37:02

If you want to learn more about photo editing and want to know techniques to better master Photoshop, here are some tips that will change your life.

If many software are available online for touching up his photos, the most famous remains Photoshop. This editing software allows you to improve photos as you wish and create montages. However, it is not always easy to understand how Photoshop works and how to use it effectively.

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The software has many little secrets and tricks that are worth revealing in order to make your job easier. To learn how to use Photoshop, it is possible to follow a training course, in particular with Or formation , which offers apprenticeships for employees who have already started their professional career and wish to enrich their range of skills. This site offers training in many areas such as IT, languages, accounting, computer graphics, office automation, human resources and management.

Among the computer and office automation training courses, Or formation offers one on Photoshop . The opportunity for us to learn more about this software thanks to Jean, Photoshop trainer on Or formation, who gives us 6 tips that will change our lives.

1. Colorize your black and white photos

The first trick is to add color to black and white photos. To do this, simply open your black and white photo in the software, go to the “filter” gallery, select “neural filters” then “colorize”. Thanks to this technique, your photo has regained all its colors.

2. Change the sky of a photo

When the sky is too cloudy or we don't like it, it is possible to modify it in a very simple way in Photoshop. To do this, choose the photo in question, select “edit” then “sky replacement”. Several different sky images will be offered to you and you will only have to select the one you prefer.

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3. Remove an element from a photo

When taking a photo, it is not uncommon to want to remove an extra element, such as an unknown person or an element of the decor, and erase it. Photoshop is the ideal tool for this, as all you have to do is open the photo, select the lasso and draw the outline of the object you want to remove. Then you can right-click, select 'fill' then 'content taken into account' before validating, and you're done.

4. Remove a background

If you want to select only what is in the foreground of your image to paste it into a timeline or isolate it from its background, it is possible. Open your image, go to properties and select 'remove background'.

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5. Clip hair more easily

Instead of wasting time trimming by hand, which can quickly become difficult and tedious especially when trying to trim hair, there is a trick. Open the photo you want to crop, click on “select and mask”, “select a subject” then “enhance hair”. To verify that the effect worked well, you can pass the photo on a black and white background.

6. Change the perspective

To change the perspective of an image, nothing could be simpler: import the image above the perspective model you want to use to give it the same shape. Click on “edition” then “perspective deformation”. Then, click and drag the areas on the different facets of the box to adjust them to the outline of the object. Adjust the anchor points of the new box over those of the previous one, and your perspective will change.