6 Excel tips that will change your life

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-13 18:21:02

Excel is a software that allows you to create tables and calculations quickly. To help you master it to perfection, here are 6 Excel tips that will change your life.

Excel is one of the handiest software to use for creating tables quickly and performing calculations efficiently and accurately using mathematical formulas entered into the software.

While Excel may seem simple to use for some people who are familiar with spreadsheets, it may be more unfamiliar and difficult to understand for others. To train and know how this software works to perfection, it is possible to follow a training course provided online. In particular, you can go to Or Formation , a site where several courses are available in the areas of office automation, IT, languages, accounting, computer graphics, human resources and management.

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If you want to specialize and learn more in the field of accounting, Excel is the software to master. To learn more about this tool and get an overview of the training, here are 6 tips delivered by Victor, Excel trainer.

Extract first and last names from an email address

When you have a large list of email addresses in a table, it can be very tedious to report the first and last names of each person one by one. To make the task easier, there is a trick to follow. Start by creating three columns: one where you will enter all the email addresses, one dedicated to first names and one last dedicated to surnames. The last two columns must be empty, before being filled in automatically by the software. In the first line of the table, enter the first and last name of the first person in the list, then press control + E. With this manipulation, everything will be displayed automatically!

Fill today's date automatically

If you want to fill in a document with today's date and you don't have a calendar on you or you are not sure of the date, it is possible to enter it into the software automatically. To do this, simply place yourself in the cell you want to fill and then press control + semicolon. With this manipulation, the current date will be automatically displayed in the document.

Fill in a calendar of dates

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To populate a table with dates, start by creating a table with a first column dedicated to the dates you want to add. Click on the first table cell, press equals and write 'date'. In parentheses, indicate the desired year and month, followed by the number of days with the frequency function. Close the parenthesis, press enter and you're done.

Extract unique elements from an array

When you have a large table that is very full, it is possible that there are duplicates. To avoid them, the trick is simple and effective. Copy the column you want to sort and paste it on a new spreadsheet. Then select the whole column and press Alt + É + U. A window will then open to delete duplicates and when you press Ok, all duplicates will be deleted and only unique elements will remain in the table.

Add a list of values ​​to a cell

To create a list of values ​​in a cell, place yourself in the desired cell and press Alt + É + H1. Then click on 'data validation' and select 'list' in the window that opens. In 'sources', then add the values ​​you want, separating them with a semicolon, then validate. Returning to the cell, you will then see a list of values ​​you have added that you can select.

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Remove blank rows from a table

Removing blank rows from a table can also be a tedious hassle if you start doing it by hand. However, there is a simple trick to remove them quickly. Start by pressing control and the spacebar to select the entire column. Then click on “find and select”, “select cells” then “blank cells”. Finally, press Alt + L + US + D, and you will see all the blank rows in the table disappear.

Adjust rows and columns of a table

The last tip concerns the adjustment of rows and columns in a table, which can sometimes shift. To put everything back in order, select the entire table by pressing control + A. Then, press Alt to open the shortcut menu and then L, Ç and J. This key combination will allow you to adjust the height of the lines. Repeat for column width by pressing A.