50 questions to ask friends for a crazy night out

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-28 20:38:03

Are you spending an evening with friends and you have already changed the world hundreds of times? We have selected a list of questions to ask friends to have a great evening.

Sometimes you don't know what to tell your longtime friends. We grew up with them on the benches of the school, we know them by heart, and above all, we know all the anecdotes that concern us at our fingertips. SO what to do to have a good evening between friends ?

A quiz with friends to have a good evening, here are our 50 questions to ask yourself between but to set the mood. Credit: iStock

Of course you have the board games , THE quiz where the karaoke ! But to spice up your evening with friends, we offer you a very funny For discover the deepest secrets of your friends. Has your friend ever lied to you? Your best friend ever fantasized about a guy and never told you? All the players will engage like never before during this revelation evening.

10 questions about friendship: Do you really know your friends?

Love, friendship, partner, heartbreak, childhood... You will know everything about your friends, and the truth, nothing but the truth. Credit: iStock

1. What's the worst thing a friend can do to you?

2. Have you ever been jealous of your best friend/your best friend

3. Do you like your best friend's friends?

4. Have you ever slept with your best friend?

5. What's your biggest fight with a friend?

6. Have you ever kissed a friend on the mouth?

7. How do you react if you find out that your best friend's girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on him/her?

8. If you were a woman, would you be in a relationship with your best friend?

9. Are you friend for life or friend for a day?

10. What is the main thing your best friend and you have in common?

10 questions about love to ask your friends on a night out: Is it good to know everything?

Your favorite night? Your best friends around a table discussing awkward and funny questions. Credit: iStock

11. If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your girlfriend/boyfriend?

12. What is your biggest heartbreak?

13. What do you think is the love-killing detail in a girl/boy?

14. What is the most beautiful declaration of love you have received?

15. What is your favorite quality in a girl/boy?

16. What flaw do you hate in a girl/boy?

17. Do you prefer dominant or submissive women?

18. What's the craziest thing you've done for love?

19. Do you sleep the first night?

20. Have you ever received/sent nudes?

10 awkward questions that will embarrass your friends

A quiz with questions to ask your friends in the evening, here is a game that will please your guests. Credit: iStock

21. Have your parents ever caught you having sex?

22. What is the nickname your parents give you?

23. Were you ashamed when your parents picked you up from middle school?

24. Have you ever wet the adult bed?

25. Have you ever regretted dating your partner?

26. When was the last time you should have shut up?

27. Have you ever woken up not remembering your party?

28. How many Facebook and Instagram followers have you ever slept with?

29. Of all the partners you've slept with, who was it the most 'wow'?

30. Have you ever had a moment of ultimate shame with your family?

10 questions to ask during a night out with friends: we want the truth!

Did someone say evening? Get out this list of 50 questions to ask friends: love, friendship, work, you name it! Credit: iStock

31. If you could only watch one movie, which one would it be?

32. What is the best gift you have received?

33. At what age did you have your first time?

34. At what age did you receive your first salary?

35. What is your fondest memory of your entire life?

36. Who is your lifelong favorite artist?

37. What shameful TV show do you love to watch for hours on end?

38. What would you choose between deceiving or being deceived?

39. Have you ever slept with anyone present at this party?

40. What was your biggest shame?

Quiz: 'Are you the kind of person who...?'

No more truth or dares, board games, quizzes... We invite you to spend an evening with friends around 50 super funny questions. Credit: iStock

41. Are you the kind of person who kind of goes to the bathroom when it's time to clear the table, to let the rest of the family do it?

42. Are you the kind of person who changes your mind like your shirt? Explain yourself.

43. Are you the type of person who lives life day to day, like there are multiple lives?

44. Are you the kind of person who dreams of participating in Beijing Express? We all have a friend who dreams of participating in this TV show.

45. Are you the kind of person who got kicked out of class in high school?

46. ​​Are you the kind of person who does weird things with your body? Show your friends!

47. Are you the type of person who loves games of society ? But really all board games, yes yes, we all have a friend who goes to play board games in specialized places.

48. Are you the kind of person who doesn't want a child or a e family? It's always the friend 'there are only real friends in life'

49. Are you the kind of person who always thinks you're right? This is the part of the night when the players get confused... We said we were telling the truth, nothing but the truth!

50. Are you the type of person who asks too many questions?