50 funny text messages to write to your lover

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 21:39:02

Do you want to send an original love message to make your lover laugh? Here are 50 funny messages about love that you can send him on any occasion. Smiles and giggles will be there!

Today, we are going to talk to you about love and humor. But beware, not just any: love with a capital A and humor with a capital H ! Even if Valentine's Day has already passed, and we will have to wait a little over a year before celebrating this Valentine's Day again, we must not wait to celebrate the love that we carry to his darling or his darling. If some will recite poems, bring out quotes from famous personalities or even write their own texts to please their sweetheart, her lover or her boyfriend (call him with the tender words you want), d others send each other love messages dailies.

Often in the form of text messages, with or without emojis, these short texts sent from smartphones can mix love and humor , two words that go together perfectly. Today we focused on the messages of love and humor that a girl can send to a boy.

Funny love messages to send anytime

Notice to you ladies out of inspiration messages, this article is for you! Discover now our selection of 50 funny text messages to write to your lover . No you are not dreaming, we offer you 50 examples of texts mixing love and humor. Smiles and giggles guaranteed! We prefer to warn you, the hardest part will be choosing among these 50 examples.

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50 examples of funny sms to write to your lover

SMS 1: You are my favorite human. You are my favorite earthling. You are my favorite university. In short, you are the one I love the most...even if a handsome, well-built alien came to kidnap me!

Text 2: If you're adorable you can call me 'my baby'. If you are tender you can call me 'my darling'. If you're hot you can call me tonight.

Message 3 : MoiSansToiCestCommeUnePhraseSansEspace.CestMocheEtSansInteret.

SMS 4: EJ T'MEIA! Come on, it's up to you! You have to decipher my super complicated message!

Text 5: I love you so much I can't even put it into words. Fortunately, emojis exist.

Message 6: All I need in life is you...and wifi! And beers. And Netflix. And chocolate. But that's all I promise!

SMS 7: Even though you have the worst musical taste in the world, I'm still totally madly in love with you!

Text 8: Besides chocolate, you are my favorite dessert!

Message 9: Do you know how I knew you were the right person for me? 'Cause you're the only person I can handle for more than 6 hours!

SMS 10: You are my fry and I am your hamburger. We are perfectly made for each other!

Text 11: Could you tell me what is the most beautiful thing in this world? Hint: It's the second word of the first sentence!

Message 12: I was going to send you a nice text, but I realized my phone battery was low, so I charged it instead.

SMS 13: I require little maintenance. Give me love, food, a few dates and I'll always stay with you!

Text 14: I promise to always love you even when you're all angry and grumpy after your favorite team loses!

Message 15: If you were Swiss cheese, I would be a mouse to nibble on you. If you were milk, I would be a cat to lap you up. If you were a mouse...I would still be a cat to devour you bit by bit.

SMS 16: You make me happier than when I see my favorite dish arrive while we're sitting at a table in my favorite restaurant!

Text 17: I've always wanted the best for you...which of course is me!

Message 18: Your eyes are filled with magic and I was spellbound at first sight. I can spend my whole life just staring into your eyes forever. So thank you for wearing sunglasses from now on because I can't look at you all day like this!

SMS 19: I love you more than coffee… but please don't make me choose between the two.

Text 20: Love is actually a very strange thing. I just realized that it is still quite difficult to love and be intelligent at the same time. In my head there are currently a lot of romantic nonsense that I would never dare to tell you...

Message 21: Without you, I'm like an ocean without a beach, a cheeseburger without cheese, a phone without a camera!

SMS 22: I completely fell for your exceptional personality! Your sexy and beautiful body was not essential, but I accept it anyway because I am generous.

Text 23: Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it's probably because it's crap.

Message 24: Love Kisses Envy I Do Some. Put this sentence in order and you will know what I want. Please note that several choices are possible!

SMS 25: I promise to love you all my life if you too promise never to steal fries from my plate!

Text 26: I'm happy with you, because I've always wanted to be with a man who looks at me the same way I look at a chocolate cake.

Message 27: You are convicted and wanted by the police! Accused, you will never be released until you have paid a fine of 1000 kisses.

SMS 28: You know I love watching you sleep. You're so cute when you're in dreamland. So, I tell myself that… You are a really lucky man because you have a perfect woman by your side!

Text 29: I was going to send you a picture of my abs, but I realized you've seen them in person before.

Message 30: Do you know when I knew you were the man of my life? When I saw your tattoos… I thought to myself, this man knows how to make a bad decision and then stick to it!

SMS 31: After my dog, you are the cutest thing I have ever loved.

Text 32: Every day, I am amazed by the man you are. Well except today… Today, you annoy me to the highest degree. and I don't even want to see you.

Message 33: Well, when I said that I will always love you and whatever happens… I didn't mean to push you to do so much bullshit. Stop immediately !

SMS 34: I'm so happy, I finally found a man with whom I can be weird, gross, but also wonderful, without feeling judged.

Text 35: It's crazy, one day you came into my life and I said to myself 'but what have I done to deserve such a man? '. Then, I understood… God punished me, by sending me the most bizarre man in the world.

Message 36: You are like a dictionary: you give meaning to my life. But you are also filled with totally useless information that interests no one and pisses everyone off. Message received ?

SMS 37: My darling, I love you so much… In fact, I love you with all my belly! Yes, I know, you may have expected me to say with all my heart, but my belly is much larger and more generous.

Text 38: Honestly, I love you so much I'll be willing to fight for you. Well, not against anyone or anything… I won't fight against a tiger because it has a jaw that can literally tear off half of my body. I will not fight a bear because it can choke me just by sitting on me. But be sure that I will fight against a cat without problem. These little beasts are vicious, you know!

Message 39: You should have listened to your mother's advice: 'follow your heart, but listen to your brain'. If you had listened to it, you wouldn't be stuck with me now!

SMS 40: I know you don't believe in love at first sight. But honestly, the day I accidentally electrocuted you because I improperly fixed your laptop charger is proof that love at first sight exists. No ?

Text 41: I have often heard that love is being stupid together. Then we must be madly in love with each other because we're really stupid apart. But together, we become complete morons!

Message 42: I have the slab… In fact, I am starving. And you know what ? I still love you so much ! And if that isn't love, I don't know what is.

SMS 43: You're very lucky, you know? I'm an archaeologist, so I'm interested in old things. So, the older you get, the more beautiful and haunting you will become to me.

Texto 44: Love with you is like a walk in the park. Finally, only if the park in question is Jurassic Park!

Message 45: Yes, I scratched your car... But that's no reason to be mad at me! It's not my fault that people don't know how to drive. If you keep doing this, I'm going to have to hang a cape on your back and call you Super Angry.

SMS 46: A little advice for the future, my darling (in order to avoid another argument). When I say “what”, I am not asking you to repeat what you said. I heard very well the words that came out of your mouth. I'm giving you the opportunity to take back what you said, repent, and lie, saying something nice.

Text 47: You can say what you want about me. But I think that for me to be able to turn a six-word sentence into a five-hour argument requires great skill. In fact, I am a very talented person!

Message 48: Honey, I love you so much I'm ready to make our iPhone/Samsung relationship work. Finally, until I broke 'without doing your phone on purpose' to replace it with an iPhone.

SMS 49: They say that love is blind… It may be true for some, but in the morning when I wake up and see your face, I regain my sight!

Texto 50: I am sending you this funny message of love to wish you a good day. I know that's the only positive thing you're going to see today...

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