50 funny love phrases to seduce with humor

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-25 19:06:03

Like attracts like and the words “love” and “humor” are so close that they can only go together. Here are 50 funny love phrases to share with your other half.

This couple share a sense of humor and love / Credit: Istock

It's no secret that when you describe the ideal woman or man, it must be funny, have a sense of humor. Indeed, laughter is the best remedy for words and sharing your life with someone, developing a bond, can only be done if humor is shared with love. You have to know how to be crazy together for it to work so if humor is a common passion, do not hesitate any longer. This is also how a love can be doubled by an eternal friendship.

A funny quote or quotes to demonstrate a love between a man and a woman, between a woman and a woman, or between a man and a man so that their heart of stone comes to life in a funny world.

Whether with a joke , a funny anecdote from your day, a funny story, even a rehearsal comedy that can be related to private jokes, Mrs. and Mrs. like to laugh. Be careful, however, not to abuse the perpetual diskettes of comics, flirting techniques, views and reviews, anywhere in the world.

In good French, you can also be funny in the form of poetry, even if it means taking out a quote seen in a recent romantic film just to be a bit up to date and reinvent yourself a bit. Here is a floppy disk that will not say its name!

Day or night, in the intimacy of the couple or in the public sphere, with family or friends, this humorous complicity is the sign that your life as a couple is going well. No need to wait for Valentine's Day to prove your love, and sometimes a zest of humor is a nice way to tell your partner that you love him. Any occasion is good to send little messages of love while laughing.

Humor to fall in love, to think about marriage, by spouting beautiful funny phrases to women around a beautiful bottle of wine, eye to eye, without anyone, neither God nor a saint, denying the message.

Happiness for two inevitably requires a sharp and shared sense of humor. Even if it means looking like a madman, but a madman in love, to send a romantic and funny message, or comic quotes, to your beloved.

Being funny and loving, the secret of a couple / Credit: Istock

There is no love without humor, and vice versa

In moderation (always avoid heaviness), small daily attentions can take the form of humor. It can be a message left on a note stuck on the fridge door, or a small SMS always welcome during the day (for those who still use them). This can even go through the children, who are just as complicit in a happy and funny marriage.

When you meet a woman or a man, humor is an absolute weapon for seduction. But it is important to prove that you know how to use this weapon on a daily basis to make a love last. Any opportunity is good to convey this important message in the heart of your partner. And you don't have to be a God of humor, being a God of love can sometimes be enough.

So there are the famous funny floppy disks as a flirting technique which are, how to say, a little too abused sometimes. There are also good jokes on a certain conception, satirical, of love, life as a couple and marriage (against a background of sexism sometimes).

Humor as a common passion to make a love last

And then love and humor also remain through quotes from comedians and a quote from an artist. Indeed, comedians and actors are constantly philosophizing about love and life as a couple in their shows and in their sketches, very often drawing inspiration from their own experience which they prefer to laugh at. Ah the magic of self-mockery! And French romanticism!

A good comedy at the cinema always works / Credit: Istock

You can also take inspiration from the world of film, the world of cinema, poetry and art in general, always very inspired, quotes from romantic comedies that you have seen together to make its little effect. Thanks to this, any Pierre, Paul, Jacques, Charles or Jean can find their way around without going through humor service providers!

Men and their proverbs, by SMS, quoting a night artist a comic someone to bring about a whole day of youthful happiness for an aspiring Valentine. A sentence in French would be enough to turn the page of this funny poetry worthy of a floppy disk. Would it be crazy for a friendship to become this love which makes you blind but giving all this passion to a couple?

All this offers us a host of funny love and comedy phrases that we would like to share with you, and some are beautiful diskettes. For budding Valentines and Valentines, seducers with a big heart, long-time married couples or a young couple who are building themselves, there is something for all tastes and all colors.

A new comic generation, in jeans, skirts or tracksuits, for a passion for happiness that the quotation from floppy disks will not manage to make blind.

Whether it goes through a comic quote, naughty proverbs, a very funny schoolboy joke, mischievous messages or a touching sentence full of humor, love and happiness are within your reach. If your partner is far from you, know that SMS works too. Can you recognize the floppy disks that any good flirt worth their salt can tell you? Here are 50 funny love phrases to share with your love partner.

A couple can be crazy and stupid together, that makes it funny / Credit: Istock

1. We don't say 'electronics' but 'the electrician makes love' (that's a joke)

2. Love is like cards: when you don't have a partner, you better have a good hand

3. Love is like rugby: it starts with a throw-in and ends with a tackle

4. In love as in math, when you're not careful: 1+1=3

5. Love is like gastro, you catch it in the street, you solve it in bed

6. After sex, 10% of men turn to the right side, 10% to the left side, and the rest go home

7. Love? Big words before, little words during and big words after

8. Women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place (and a floppy disk)

9. It is not because you are thirsty for love that you have to throw yourself on the first gourd (famous quote)

10. When love is late, it gets in my face (hot sauce joke)

11. In hunting as in love, you start when you want and you end when you can

12. A woman must have sex to be successful. A man must succeed to sleep

13. The man who is about to make love has boiling blood and the man who has just made love has a smelly end

14. Geeks have the best chance of finding love, because they have lots of keys

15. If love is blind, it must be palpated

16. Marriage is like a restaurant: no sooner is it served than you look at what's on the neighbor's plate

17. Do you believe in love at first sight? Because otherwise I can come back in front of you (that's a floppy disk for example)

18. Chuck Norris never falls in love, because he never falls

19. You wouldn't work at Nintendo, considering your DS body… (another floppy disk, geek special)

20. Do you know when I knew you were the man of my life? When I saw your tattoos… I thought to myself, this man knows how to make a bad decision and then stick to it!

21. I love you way more than beer. And you know how much I love beer... But please don't make me prove it to you!

22. Honey, I love you so much I'm ready to make our iPhone/Samsung relationship work. Finally, until I break 'without doing your phone on purpose' to replace it with an iPhone

23. Hello, my love… How did you start this new day: with a fart as usual, I imagine! (classic SMS)

24. Sweetheart, I love you infinitely. I wish you a good day… Don't forget to buy tampons, tissues, wine and pizza. Finally, if you want to survive the evening! (the message is passed)

25. I miss you… Well, not like chocolate since I went on a diet, but still a little.

26. Surely you shouldn't kiss strangers. So I introduce myself... (the worst floppy disk)

27. Honey, I can't wait to see you again. I really miss your presence. Finally, I don't know if it's your presence that I miss or the fact of being able to shout at you

28. There can only be two solutions: either I'm right or you're wrong.

29. Looking for CDI: Cuddles for an indefinite period

30. Getting married to a man is like buying an object that you have long admired in a shop window. You may love it when you bring it home, but it doesn't always go with everything else

31. Wouldn't you be an emergency exit? Because you exit me.

32. Say what you want about women, but I think being able to turn a sentence into a six-hour argument takes skill.

33. I love being married. It's so great to find that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

34. Love is being stupid together (it's beautiful as passion)

35. When Chuck Norris watches The Young and the Restless, they go out

36. A man falls in love with his eyes, a woman with her ears

37. Love is no longer having to hold back your farts

38. Doesn't your father work at Google? Because I find in you everything I'm looking for.

39. Ladies, if a man says he will fix it, he will. It is not necessary to remind him every 6 months

40. For the bride and groom, it's like for babies, no one has the right to say that they are ugly, even if they think so.

41. If I had to kiss you and then go to hell, I would. So I could brag afterwards with the devils of having seen paradise without ever entering it (the floppy disk that takes you away from God)

42. The difference between love and money is that if you share your money, it decreases, while if you share your love, it increases. The ideal being to be able to share your love with someone who has money

43. Love… there are those who talk about it and there are those who do it. From what it seems urgent to me to be silent (quote from Pierre Desproges)

44. Love makes you blind, so does Chuck Norris (there's a real Chuck Norris passion here)

45. Culture is like love. You have to go in small strokes at the beginning to enjoy it later

46. ​​Apart from monkeys, all animals refuse to make love face to face. They must sense that the behind wrinkles less quickly than the face (it's a question of passion)

47. Loving one's neighbor consists in not becoming attached to one's current spouse, but already loving the next one! (a story of passion)

48. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I feel a connection between us. (digital diskette)

49. A romantic, after love, he gets depressed… Women, with romantics, it’s while they get depressed

50. Your father is a thief, he stole all the stars from the sky to put them in your eyes (the most famous of floppy disks)