50 birthday messages to be original

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 12:14:03

The birthday party is an opportunity to send a sweet message to the person concerned. While some are content with the traditional “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday” text that is easily sent by SMS or email, others are looking for originality to write more personal messages on greeting cards. Discover our 50 birthday message ideas to copy on your celebration card.

'Happy Birthday !' A birthday is a very special day for every person on this Earth. It is the most anticipated and joyful holiday of the year. Who has never celebrated their birthday around a snack with their friends in primary school? Celebrate your birthday over a drink with your colleagues? Celebrate your birthday around a good family meal? Or have a big party with her closest friends and girlfriends? There are multiple ways for each person to celebrate this date so dear to our hearts.

A birthday day is characterized by a memorable party , an atmosphere filled with joy, happiness and warmth thanks to the gentle attentions of our friends and family, but also by many gifts . But this day is also synonymous greeting cards, messages, text messages or birthday emails . The man or woman who is celebrated on that day is waiting to receive this message, this SMS or this email marked by love, friendship, sincerity, happiness, joy or even humor.

Why write an original birthday message?

Some people go send short messages for the main person concerned. One thinks in particular of the short message of the type: Happy Birthday ! Happy birthday ! Happy Birthday! HB!

To change from these too traditional messages that we will copy constantly on birthday greeting cards, why not look for originality ? For your friend, your wife, your man, your colleague or your parents, give a little original side to your birthday text. The opportunity to mark the occasion and touch the heart of the person celebrated. You can be sure that he or she will remember .

Original birthday messages: endless examples and models

To help you find the most original words, we have unearthed examples for you to write and copy on your future messages and future greeting cards. In this article, we offer you not 1 but 50 examples of birthday messages combining love, humor, sincerity, health, joy or even friendship. You will have spoiled for choice between all these quotes, all these models and all these texts that will surely make anyone smile or even cry on their birthday!

Young adult, child, colleague, family member, there are for all ages and for all tastes ! Let's start without further delay the reading of the 50 ideas original birthday messages.

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50 birthday message ideas

Birthday message 1 - I wish you everything… but better!

Birthday text 2 - Happy birthday ! The greatest gift you can have is to be able to blow out all those candles at once... So I hope life gives you that gift!

Birthday quote 3 - Birthday candles are a metaphor for life. Life is short but bright, like them! It is therefore important to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment! I wish you a beautiful radiant birthday.

Birthday message 4 - One more year to start this day... Fortunately, the weight of the years is not seen on you! Happy birthday friend!

Birthday text 5 - In everyday life, it is not easy to remind someone of how important they are in our life. Your birthday is an opportunity to seize to tell you that you are a person dear to my heart! Happy birthday.

Birthday quote 6 - I wish a nice and warm birthday to the most amazing person I know. You can light up a room just with your smile. Where would I be if I didn't know you? Happy birthday...and I wish you all the best that goes with it!

Birthday message 7 - It's the role of a friend to remind you of the important moments: so today I'm reminding you that you're a year older! Happy Birthday !

Birthday text 8 - May the best of your past be the worst of your future! Happy birthday !

Birthday quote 9 - Life is not measured by the number of years...but by the number of adventures and stories you can tell! Happy birthday.

10th birthday message - Messages to put sparkles in your eyes. Gifts to surprise you. A cake to satisfy your sweet tooth. Candles to brighten your day. A wish for it to come true. A perfect birthday is coming!

11th birthday text - A birthday is not an extra number. A birthday is a chance to celebrate someone who is dear to us and to tell them how much we love them. I wish you a very happy birthday!

12th birthday quote - I would only have 2 words to say to you... but 2 words that come to me from the bottom of my heart: 'Happy birthday'!

13th birthday message - Today you will read hundreds of birthday messages! But I'm proud that you're reading mine! So Happy Birthday!

14th birthday text - I wish you a sublime birthday with lots of joy and love. By staying positive and motivated, dreams always find a way to come true.

15th birthday quote - I have a few 'little' things to wish you for your birthday...A celebration as big as your heart. Gifts as numerous as the people who love you. Candles that light up your eyes. A cake as beautiful as you. Happy birthday and a happy new year ahead!

16th birthday message - Blow away all your worries when you blow out your candles. Bite into a piece of cake as if you were biting into a piece of happiness! Happy birthday !

17th birthday text - Wishing a happy birthday is much too classic... I wish you an incredible, amazing, extraordinary, wonderful birthday!

18th birthday quote - To take a year is to become older... but also more beautiful, wiser, more intelligent and above all more alive and happier to live! Happy birthday.

19th birthday message - Happy Birthday. As it only comes once a year, I'm counting on you to make it memorable...

20th birthday text - I have a little message for you! Today is the party! A day when we dance, sing, share and where we thank the people we love! Enjoy this beautiful day! Happy birthday !

21st birthday quote - We know we are getting old when we receive a card written in very large letters… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

22nd birthday message - Today is your birthday and it reminds me of a sweet quote from François Cavanna: “Even the stupidest have their day of glory, their birthday”

23rd birthday text - In this painful and sporting ordeal of 'blowing out an extra candle', you can count on me to support you. In addition to being your biggest supporter, I propose to become your personal trainer for the discipline of “lifting the cup to celebrate”. Cheers and happy birthday! »

24th birthday quote - On this special day which is today, the day of your birth, I rejoice in knowing that you will have a wonderful and unforgettable day. A day filled with happiness, smiles, gifts and good humor. Even if I could not be present at this party, I send you my most sincere wishes for happiness and cheerfulness! Happy birthday !

25th birthday message - On this fabulous day of your life, I wish you happiness! The menu will therefore be composed of a pinch of madness, a seasoning of gaiety, a grain of emotion and a dessert of love. Enjoy your most beautiful day of the year, with all my best wishes for you. Happy birthday for the special being that you are and above all never lose your joy of living.

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26th birthday text - I wish you good health, good mood, incredible happiness, mutual passionate love on your birthday. Let everything in your life be the best!

27th birthday quote - May your strength never be exhausted, patience and wisdom never end, my dear, happy birthday. Set an example for everyone!

28th birthday message - Congratulations on your birthday! All the best to you! May your dreams come true!

29th birthday text - May this new candle bring you even more joy and happiness than the previous year, more peace and health. More freedom from daily concerns and more time to enjoy sweet moments of calm and serenity.

30th birthday quote - Happy Birthday ! Let your life be filled with pleasant surprises and gifts of fate!

31st birthday message - Happy Birthday. With all my heart today, I wish you great human happiness, a lot of joy, an ocean of love and tenderness.

32nd birthday text - May all your dreams and desires come true today is your birthday! All the best for you!

Birthday quote 33 - Your friendship is comparable to a hug, it brings me comfort and happiness. May your anniversary be as special as you.

Birthday message 34 - Dear birthday boy, remember that you were not sent to this world by chance, so we wish you fulfill your destiny!

35th birthday text - Welcome to this world! Live in such a way that you never regret a moment. Use every chance to do something good and enjoyable.

Birthday quote 36 - Age only matters if the years are well spent, and I know I can count on you to enjoy it! Have fun, enjoy life as you know how to do it so well, with all the delicacy of a big cake that you will soon savor! Happy birthday !

Birthday message 37 - Come rain, shine or snow, you have always been there for me. I never dreamed of having a friend like you! Happy Birthday !

Birthday text 38 - With you, work is never a chore! Thank you for your enthusiasm and good humor! Happy Birthday !

Birthday quote 39 - I wanted to give you an awesome and inspiring gift for your birthday and then I remembered that you already have me! Happy birthday !

40th birthday message - Happy birthday ! I hope this day will be filled with sunshine, rainbows, love and laughter. I send you all my best wishes for this very special day.

41st birthday text - We begin to notice that we age when the weight of the candles exceeds that of the cake. Happy birthday !

42nd birthday quote - You are like wine. You get better with age. Happy Birthday !

43rd birthday message - Quarantine is a middle age: middle age, middle empire. Happy Birthday !

44th birthday text - Any age bears fruit, you have to know how to pick them. Happy Birthday !

45th birthday quote - The Recipe for “The Perfect Year Ahead”

1 / 3 of love

1/3 wealth

1 / 3 health

3 large handfuls of good humor

A bowl filled with...bowl

A hint of curiosity

A pinch of optimism

Sprinkle it all with kindness

When everything is well put together

Simmer everything over very low heat until next year.

46th birthday message - Happy birthday to you today! I always wish you to be in the spotlight. I wish you to achieve everything you dream of.

Birthday text 47 - Enjoy life, let it be bright and fun with you, carefree days will bring happiness, and finances will be a pleasant addition to life. Happy birthday !

48th birthday quote - All the best for you: lots of sweets, fruits, balls, bouquets and toys! It's your birthday today. May everything be fun and happy for you!

49th birthday message - May the days bring only joys, and the nights – magical tales. May friends be faithful to you and may the company be full of soul. Happy Birthday !

50th birthday text - Let the atmosphere of sincerity and goodwill always float in the air. Happy birthday party!

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Write the right birthday message

As you have just seen, there is no shortage of examples of texts for birthday greeting cards. Our selection only offers 50 quotes, but be aware that il in there is an infini name . Feel free to copy or write any of these examples in your next greeting card. You can also draw inspiration from these texts to write your own message birthday.

If you are late for to celebrate the birthday of the person concerned, do not hesitate to pick from among our ideas. The originality of the message sent by SMS, by email or on a greeting card, will make him forget that you are late.