50 bathroom decor ideas

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-22 20:00:01

The interior decoration concerns all the rooms of the house, which also includes the toilets. Here are 50 ideas for decorating your toilet.

The decoration for the toilets: the guarantee of a pleasant moment spent on the throne

Toilets with marble tiles Credits: Gayrat Tolibov

According to a study conducted by RVM, we spend an average of 3 years of our toilet life . Imagine spending 3 years in a tiny, cramped place, devoid of any form of decoration . Seen like this, the question of the decoration of the toilets becomes more relevant. Indeed, the decoration for restroom is not a superficial eccentricity. On the contrary, it is a great way to harmonize the whole interior decoration of the House.

Also, while the main function of the washroom isn't the most glamorous, it's essential to feel good about it. the comfort always goes through a pleasant decoration. Of course, it is not a question of overdoing it with an exaggerated and heavy decoration, but rather of bring a design atmosphere in a room that is not necessarily chic like the living room or the bedroom.

In short, it is strongly recommended to do not neglect the decoration of the toilet . Indeed, nicely decorated toilets become a real well-being space that adds character to your home.

50 bathroom decor ideas

Modern toilets Credits: red2000

The room intended to accommodate the toilet is usually small size . This means that the decoration of said room can be relatively complicated. To help you make your toilets design and following the current trend, you can very well go to Pinterest and scroll through the toilets and bathrooms that you will see displayed. But, to make it simpler, here 50 ideas ready to implement .

The hanging bowl

Suspended toilet Credits: Kliim

Install wall hung toilets : this equipment for the toilets is more practical and more trendy than the classic toilets. They can be rounded or square, and make toilet cleaning easier.

The black tile

Bathroom with black tiles Credits: dit26978

Avoid white tiles : the white tiles refer directly to the idea of ​​sanitary, which contrasts directly with the concept of decoration. A black tile is already a track to dig.

wooden shelves

WC with wooden shelf Credits: Tokka Store

Install shelving wood : wood is a material widely used in decoration. Its natural side and its color bring charm and warmth to a room. The shelves are also very practical for depositing the various useful accessories for the toilet.

The monochrome toilet

WC monochrome Credits : markOfshell

Paint the walls the same color as the floor : this creates a uniform effect, very trendy in modern decoration.

The same colors for the floor and the walls

Black toilet Credits: gamespirit

Choose a dark color for the floor and walls : the toilet bowl in white and the walls and the floor in a darker color create an interesting color contrast.

The cement coating

Hand of a man holding a trowel Credits: Kenstocker

Cement flooring : easy to install, easy to clean, sober, design and trendy, cement is the ideal covering for toilets.

The light light source

WC with little light Credits: in4mal

Install a light source : the toilet is a generally dark room. To create a more pleasant atmosphere, install a light spot providing low light. This avoids the aggression of an LED bulb.

The white toilets

Toilet in white Credits: ben-bryant

The toilets in white monochrome : we tend to consider it a “dirty” part because of its main function. Toilets where the walls are white, the floor is white and the bowl is white, give an impression of cleanliness, which is logically more pleasant.

Perfume in the toilet

Toilet balls and lilac Credits: Hit Stop Media

Scent the toilet : the scent of a room is of great importance, since some have calming, relaxing and soothing properties, which is very practical for spending time in the toilet.

The same tile for the toilet and the house

Toilets with designer tiles Credits: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Install tiles identical to those of the rest of the house : this creates a uniform effect and harmonizes your whole interior decoration .

good paints

White toilet bowl on purple background and blue floor Credits: Rawf8

Make the right choice of paints : if you opt for an oil painting, you will have shiny walls. If your choice turns to water-based paint, you can achieve a matte effect. Make your choice based on your final rendering ideas.

minimalist toilets

Minimal style bathroom Credits: runna10

Minimalist toilets : a room where only the essentials are found with a suspended toilet, a paper holder, a sink and that's it. To highlight the minimalist style, each wall must be colored and the bowl in white.

The colorful toilets

Pink toilets Credits: wuttichaijangrab

Each wall a different color : bright colors are very popular in terms of modern decoration. Generally, it is advisable not to mix more than 3 different colors, which is perfect for toilets. Choose a different color paint for each wall and you're done.

The wallpaper

Young man installing wallpaper Credits: FotoDuets

Choose wallpaper over paint : the wallpaper is easy to install and can be removed just as easily. The wallpaper is therefore ideal for often changing the decoration in the toilet.

patterned wallpaper

Various wallpaper patterns Credits: Alexandra Ryabichenko

Opt for patterned wallpaper : trendy, chic, design, elegant, original, choose the style of your wallpaper according to the general atmosphere prevailing in the toilets.

The large mirror above the bowl

Large mirror above the Wc Credits: Pinterest

Install a large mirror above the toilet : it is not necessarily used to look inside, but acts as one of the many decorative accessories of the house. For a more current style, opt for an ethnic style mirror.

vintage toilets

WC vintage rose Credits : ume illus

vintage toilets : to avoid overloading the decoration with various accessories representing past decades, opt instead for a red bowl and colors reminiscent of American diners. This is a safe bet.

wooden furniture

Rustic style toilet Credits : Moderne Kare

Install wooden storage furniture .

Scandinavian-style toilets

Toilets with wood-effect tiling accompanied by black elements Credits: https: //www.sawiday.fr/

Scandinavian-inspired toilets : a simple and refined style, without frills.

Photos in the toilet

Photos in the toilet Credits: Leroy Merlin

The photo wall : nothing prevents you from sharing your best moments captured in photos on the toilet.

Green plants in the toilets

Toilets with green plants Credits: Pinterest

Installer des plants vertes en pot : small, large, placed on a wooden shelf, the whole thing is to keep a certain balance concerning the decoration.

The plant pattern

WC deco flowers Credits: Perini

Highlight the “natural” side of the toilets, with plant patterns on the walls .

The choice of colors

Pastel-colored toilets Credits: Decor1

Choose the right color combinations : green and gold, blue and silver, black and white…

The old style

Old style toilets Credits: Tips Guide

Create an old look for the toilet : with the dominant royal colors (red and gold), as well as a painting above the bowl.

Optimize space

Beautiful modern toilet and bathroom Credits: dit26978

Optimize available space being careful to leave enough room to move around.

The marble coating

Bathroom with marble floor Credits: runna10

The marble floor : always chic and elegant at all times.

The original toilets

Original toilets Credits: Frenchy Fancy

Opt for a style different from that of the bathroom : creating two decorations for the toilets allows you to create a contrast between these two rooms.

Asymmetrical Paintings

Colored toilets Credits: Moderne Kare

asymmetrical painting : more contemporary and more current than the classic straight paintings. Again, pay attention to the color mix.

The art gallery toilets

Art gallery restrooms Credits: Architectural Digest

The “art gallery” toilets : install a mirror, small framed paintings everywhere and make your toilet a real museum.

The black bowl

Toilet with black bowl Credits: ThreeDiCube

Choose the black toilet bowl : more chic and elegant, the black bowl is the trend of the moment.

The large storage unit

Toilet with large storage unit Credits: sl-f

Install a large storage unit leaning against one of the walls of the toilet: this idea is preferable if the room intended to accommodate your toilet is spacious enough.

The wooden cleat

Toilet with wooden cleat Credits: Instagram @jerome.l1

The painted wooden cleat: it offers an interesting geometric perspective giving the illusion of more space in the toilet.

cartoon wallpaper

Toilets comics Credits: Instagram @mon_ appartement_lillois

cartoon wallpaper : for a very trendy pop art style at the moment.

The toilets with plant waterfall

Toilets with plant waterfall Credits: Instagram @stay_byalec

The cascade of plants : these are hanging plants that bring more naturalness to the overall decoration.

The plant wall

Mur de plants Credits : SasinParaksa

The wall of plants behind the bowl.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets in the toilets Credits: Instagram @naastyjo

The wicker baskets hung on the walls: design and practical, they can contain toilet paper, air freshener, etc.

plaster bricks

Toilets with plaster bricks Credits: Instagram @myhome_by_Carolane

Half plaster brick walls, for more style rustic .

The single color wall

Single color wall Credits: Facebook: Alexandra Bitetti

The unique colored wall : paint the side walls in white and the last in an eye-catching color.

cement tiles

Toilets with cement tiles Credits: Instagram @arq.agusmussari

cement tiles : ideal for bringing an exotic atmosphere to your bathroom.

The map of the world

Toilets with world map Credits: Tokka Store

The map of the world on the wall where the toilet is leaned: a simple and effective style of decoration. The world map must be represented on a dark colored background so that it is highlighted.

Mix the materials

Modern toilets with a mix of colors and materials Credits: Blog Rhinov

The mix of materials : a cement wall and another with a wooden covering create the modern effect.

The tank hand basin

Toilet bowl with tank hand basin Credits: Pinterest

Install a hand wash tank : perfect for the minimalist style, it is also part of the ecological toilet accessories since it reduces water consumption.

modern mosaics

Mosaic toilets Credits: Home Decor Passion

modern mosaic walls : trendy, unusual and original, the mosaic goes perfectly with the toilet.

Texture addition

WC modernes Credits : My Paradissi

Texture addition with accessories such as terrazzo, striated wood, waxed concrete, etc.


Toilets with granite cladding Credits: Jevgenija Zukova-Cernova

Granite in the toilet : this material brings raw strength to interior design.

The wall/painting

Toilets with wall/painting Credits : Mes Petites Puces

painting a wall black for chalkboard : this creates a space intended for creation for all the occupants of the toilet.

The funny poster

Toilet with funny poster Credits: About Ruth

Hang up a funny poster : Humor is always effective when it comes to interior decoration.

XXL tiles

Toilets with XXL tiles Credits: Pinterest

XXL tiles : it brings a different style while remaining elegant and chic. Avoid overly simple tile shapes (square, rectangle, diamond, triangle, etc.). Opt for atypical shapes such as a hexagon for example.

The red bricks

Toilets with red bricks Credits: Viva Decora

Bricks in the toilet , for a decoration inspired by New York lofts.

Dry toilets

Dry toilets Credits : cocondedecoration.com

Install dry toilets : in addition to being easy to maintain, practical and ecological, dry toilets are made of wood, which adds cachet.