5 tips for renovating your home at the best price, room by room

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 14:40:02

Going over budget is everyone's biggest fear when it comes to renovating their home. Fortunately, there are tricks to keep costs down and achieve your goals.

When we think of renovating our house or apartment, many of us imagine having to invest a particularly large budget. If this fear is often legitimate as the prices of works can be impressive, in reality, redesigning and modifying your interior spaces does not have to be very expensive. Indeed, with a strategic reflection on the overall design, the materials to be used and a precise retroplanning, it is possible to lower the bill significantly.

Most property owners are in favor of improvements that can add value to their home and make better use of their living space. Whether you want to modify the shower in the bathroom, modernize the furniture in the kitchen, add a custom dressing room in the bedroom or change the tiles in the entrance hall, it is important to compare all the options offered by the renovation companies in order to opt for the best and most affordable of them.

1. The kitchen

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Completely redoing a kitchen hardly costs less than 5,000 euros. Still, it is possible to get a nearly new kitchen without spending that amount. For example, rather than completely changing the furniture, if it is in good condition, the ideal is to renovate it. Thus, we can only change the worktops and repaint the fronts of the doors and drawers of the lower part. Then, concerning the furniture placed in height, you can repaint the old doors or replace them with glass fronts, but also keep open storage, it adds visual interest without having to add new shelves. Also remember to change the handles of the furniture, it is very affordable and it clearly has its effect.

2. The living room

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The living room is a place where we spend a lot of time, so it is essential to feel good there. In large rooms, the floor is one of the things you notice first and changing it can give the impression of having a new space without spending big bucks. Indeed, a multitude of brands offer laminate flooring or linoleum for very reasonable prices. Additionally, many flooring options are thin enough that you don't have to remove the existing flooring before laying them, keeping the cost down. Changing the curtains, while keeping the rods and rings to reduce the bill, is also a good solution to change the atmosphere of the living room without committing to major work.

3. The bedroom

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In a bedroom, the walls are certainly THE part to work on to create a new atmosphere. In particular, woodwork can be placed there to give the illusion of paneling. Opt for pre-made templates to reduce labor time, or customize them yourself to save even more. Walls can also be brightened up with a splash of color with paint. Again, this is within everyone's reach. Another sure way to update your bedroom is to add a headboard, whether it's small and minimalist or oversized and stately, the possibilities are endless. If you are a handyman, there are plenty of DIY tutorials on the Internet for do-it-yourself headboards. This makes it possible to achieve a high-end effect without paying the price.

4. The bathroom

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You can add style to the bathroom with a quick and easy change by opting for a new mirror. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The mirror is a strong element of the bathroom that should not be overlooked when starting a bathroom. renovation . To give a new look to this space, it can also be very interesting to use wallpaper. You can add patterns and colors with wallpaper in the blink of an eye, and it is entirely possible to limit yourself to a single wall in order to reduce the budget while maintaining a real visual effect. Most have become easy to install, even for a novice DIYer. For storage, between shelves, medicine cabinets, ladders or trolleys, you will find what you are looking for.

5. Entrance

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The entryway is the first room you see entering your home, so it should be nice and well-designed. Even in a small space, it is possible to create a small dressing room that will change your life. A seat, a shelf and a few hooks are really all you need to stand out. If you have the space, making a locker for each member of the family greatly facilitates the daily routine. Do you have a staircase in the entrance? Know that a creative use of paint is an economical way to give it a second life. Choose an eye-catching pattern, theme or solid color and redefine the space to make your stairs a real eye-catcher.