4 years before her death, Elizabeth II decided not to adopt any more corgis so as not to leave any dogs behind

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:22:01

In 70 years of reign, Queen Elizabeth II has adopted more than 30 corgis. She finally quit at the age of 92 in a bid to leave no dogs behind when she died.

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the queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8 at the age of 96. Throughout her life, the queen had many passions such as gastronomy, horses… and corgis!

In 70 years of reign, Elizabeth II raised more than 30 corgis. The Queen has always loved this adorable breed of dog because at the age of 7 she had already requested one after going to visit friends who owned a Corgi. So her father George V started bringing home a first corgi puppy, which was called Dookie.

But it wasn't until Elizabeth II turned 18 that the love affair with the corgis actually started. To celebrate her birthday, the young woman had her very first corgi named Susan.

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Since then, all the dogs she had in her life were descendants of this female. While the royal dog line was mostly made up of corgis, some were dorgis, a mix between a corgi and a dachshund.

Elizabeth II left no dog behind

Corgis have accompanied the Queen throughout her life, sometimes appearing in photos alongside Elizabeth II. However, a few years ago, she decided not to adopt any more for a very specific reason. The last corgi of the queen , who went by the name Willow, died in 2018, days before she turned 92.

'She's mourned each of her corgis over the years, but she was more upset by Willow's death than any of them. It's probably because Willow was the last link to her parents and a hobby that dates back to her own childhood. It really felt like the end of an era.' , said a source close to Buckingham Palace.

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If the queen decided not to adopt a new corgi at the age of 92, it was so as not to abandon any dog ​​when she died. Concerned for their well-being, the queen was indeed worried about the future of her dogs if she was no longer around. Putting her own pain aside, Elizabeth II thought above all of the well-being of the corgis by deciding not to take them back.

Source : Insider