36-year-old French woman receives uterine transplant from her older sister's womb

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-19 13:03:02

For the second time in France, a patient has received a uterine transplant, which could allow her to give birth in the near future.

This is news that should give hope to infertile women who want to have children.

A 36-year-old Frenchwoman successfully received a graft uterus, a month ago.

She is the second patient to be transplanted in this way in the country, after a first operation carried out in 2019.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: Istock

Born without a uterus, a 36-year-old French woman received a successful uterine transplant

« The transplant on this new 36-year-old patient was performed from the the womb of her older sister, with minimally invasive surgery “Said Professor Jean-Marc Ayoubi, head of the obstetrics gynecology and reproductive medicine department at the Foch hospital in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine), where the operation took place.

Photo credit: Istock

This uterine transplant will have lasted nearly 18 hours according to AFP.

The transplant patient had what is called Rokitansky syndrome, which causes infertility by uterine agenesis. Women suffering from this pathology, which affects one in 4,000 births, come into the world without a uterus, which is the organ of gestation in which the embryo develops.

In March 2019, Professor Ayoubi's teams had already succeeded in a first similar operation on a woman named Déborah Berlioz, suffering from the same syndrome.

The latter had received her mother's uterus and had managed to get pregnant in the process thanks to an embryo transfer, thus giving birth to a first child.

Today, she is expecting a second, which is scheduled for next March. At the end of this pregnancy , the transplanted uterus will be removed because it requires him to currently undergo anti-rejection treatment.

Source: AFP