30 country wedding decoration ideas

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-13 11:50:02

Are you looking for tips for a successful and chic country wedding decoration? Discover ideas for organizing an original and aesthetic event.

Bohemian altar for a country wedding

A bohemian decor for an outdoor wedding Photo credit: Kenzaza

The first thing guests look at at a country wedding is the altar, the place of celebration. It is therefore important to decorate first . To surprise your guests, a decoration Bohemian is to be preferred with natural touches, such as a garland of flowers above.

Decoration of chairs with ribbons in natural colors

Chairs decorated with matching ribbons Photo credit: Dmytro Duda

Decorating chairs can be simple at a country wedding. However, it must be chic . Of simple rubans of color natural are enough to sublimate the space and the altar. Take a chair, surround it with a ribbon, then form a knot before stitching a flower into it.

Logs of wood to be in the nature theme

A wooden log serving as a support for vases Photo credit: Laura Noll

For tables, logs are essentials in a wedding rural. They can be used as a vase support or a trivet according to your desires. Aesthetics, these decoration elements are also easy to find. Just order it from a specialty store.

Cake stand made with natural material

A country-themed cake display Photo credit: Prostock-Studio

Apart from the newlyweds, many guests give importance to decorating the cake stand. For an original wedding respecting the country theme, logs work perfectly. They bring cachet, especially if they are placed on pallets. Moreover, they allow a atypical storage , most aesthetic .

Bunting above the dance floor

Flags ready to be installed Photo credit: Tabitazn

The bunting above the dance floor is classic, but still effective. She brings a vintage look at the event while showcasing all the wood and paper decorations. Even more interesting, this trick can be done in DIY at a lower cost.

Fairy lights around the trees

Trees decorated with bright decorative accessories Photo credit: Irina Lev

Fairy lights are never too much when decorating a country wedding. They can even brighten up the garden in full when they dress the trees near the place of celebration. The decoration is aesthetic and very practical since it also helps to light up the garden at night.

Small bouquets on the tables for a successful country wedding

Bouquets of flowers lined up perfectly for a successful wedding Photo credit: Kenzaza

Do not forget the flowers for the decoration of a country wedding. Just scatter them everywhere, like on the tables. Also form small and pretty bouquets of flowers to place them in the center of the tables if they are round. Two or three bouquets are ideal if they are rectangular in shape. They must be aligned from right to left to obtain an aesthetic result.

Natural welcome sign

A sign welcoming guests Photo credit: Space_cat

A country wedding takes place outside. There is usually no front door. You must thus indicate the path to follow to your guests. For this, one or more wooden welcome signs should be placed in strategic locations. Apart from their primary function, they can also serve as decorative elements.

Barrels as supports for floral decoration

Barrels installed behind the chairs that serve as supports for flowers Photo credit: Irina Lev

A country wedding without barrels is a somewhat distorted party. They recall the world of farms of yesteryear. Having them everywhere, without cluttering up the space, is therefore a good idea: near the altar, the cake display or along the tables. In addition, barrels can serve as a support for vases.

Rustic table runner matched with the ribbons of the chairs

Installation of a red table runner Photo credit: Irina Lev

The table runner must match the chair ribbons for a chic and successful party decoration. As much as possible, favor a rustic model to stay in the bohemian register. The rendering will thus be harmonious and aesthetic . It should be noted that the choice of color depends on the theme you have chosen. You just have to respect neutral shades unless you want to have a warmer decor.

Head table near a sofa made of straws

Straw bales ready to be turned into a sofa Photo credit: maximkabb

The location and style of the head table should be chosen carefully. They can set the tone for the party and a hint about the theme. The table can be covered with a white tablecloth. For more originality, you can also install it near a DIY sofa with straw bales.

Pallets serving as a decorative support

A pallet serving as a support for glasses and plants Photo credit: Anastasiia Chepinska

Pallets find their natural place in a rustic wedding, a baptism and birthday party with a natural theme. You can create with them aesthetic and original tables for the guests. Pallets can also be used as a support for decorative elements knowing that they are fully part of the decor.

Photobooth space with pennant garland and balloons

A photobooth space with a vintage and original decor Photo credit: miss_j

The photobooth space is not to be neglected at a time when almost everyone likes to take their picture. Allow loved ones to take selfies with rustic decor dotted with crates, balloons, and other paraphernalia.

Decorative panel with photo frames in the middle of the dance floor

A palette ready to be decorated with photos Photo credit: Laura Noll

A palette such that it can serve as a decorative panel during an outdoor wedding. Placed near the dance floor, it can be used as a support for framed photos telling the story of the newlyweds. The idea is original , aesthetic while being playful for the guests.

Deco idea at low cost: jars as a vase

Three jars transformed into vases Photo credit: Laura Noll

When there are flowers on the table, there are bound to be vases. A free decorating idea is to collect jars from home and turn them into vases. This trick fits perfectly into the theme of a country wedding in addition to being economical and efficient .

Ladder as a stand for flower and candle jars

A ladder installed near a barrel and transformed into a shelf Photo credit: svehlik

The wooden ladder can serve as a decorative element at an outdoor wedding. It can be used as a shelf during the party. You can place some accessories like jars containing lit candles or transformed into vases.

Log place cards placed on tables

A small log indicating seat number 9 Photo credit: Freddy Napoleoni

Next to your wooden logs, you can place a small place card with the same crafting material. The rendering is aesthetic, especially if these elements have the same shape. Your guests will certainly find this idea of ​​a small wooden log place card interesting.

wooden guest book

A wooden guest book photographed before use Photo credit: Yauheni Rak

The guest book has become a tradition not to be forgotten. However, forget the paper. This time, adopt the wood to be in the country theme. This type of guest book is also suitable for a bohemian wedding and can add style to the party .

Altar with light garland and flowers for a chic country wedding

An altar with a perfectly lit floral decoration Photo credit: ViDi Studio

For a chic, perfectly in-theme altar, you simply need two elements: flowers and garlands. Garlands can serve as background while flowers adorn the space around. Jute stoles also work if you prefer another alternative.

Dragees placed along the table runner

Dragees to share with guests Photo credit: Marco di Bello

It is customary to offer dragees at a wedding. Generally, they are presented in a box or candy box. For a country wedding, you can place them along the table as decorations. Of course, guests can help themselves if they wish.

DIY decoration idea: free tin can vase

A tin can transformed into a vase Photo credit: beingbonny

The decoration in DIY is a concept allowing you to reduce the price of decoration, at least of vases. Take some cans and remove one of the lids using a can opener. Then wash them before simply using them as vases. They can be placed on the table or hung above it.

Paper table runner in the theme of a country wedding

A paper table runner folded in on itself Photo credit: LarisaL

In addition to the wood, the paper fits perfectly with the country theme. You can make your own paper table runner instead of ordering one. If you have some paper left, you can also make coasters.

Dried and freshly picked flowers around the altar

A wedding altar decorated with dried and fresh flowers Photo credit: EkaterinaPichukova

The altar for the celebration can be decorated with dried and fresh flowers at the same time. You can alternate them for a more aesthetic and surprising result at the same time. A little burlap on the sides also works for this type of decoration.

Table decoration with lace

Table linens with laces with vases and candles on them Photo credit: Laura Noll

Lace is also a classic in decoration country wedding. It can be placed anywhere on the table with the runner, the coasters and the coasters. Napkins can also feature lace to match the rest of the decor.

Canapes in straw bales for all

Bales of straw about to be turned into canapes Photo credit: luri Gagarin

The straw bale sofa is not just for newlyweds. you can multiply for your guests . Do not forget to cover them with a white cloth or another pastel color according to your desires. The hues should simply follow the theme.

List of natural guests for a country wedding

Guest lists about to be presented Photo credit: VAKSMANV

The guest list is part of the party decoration. To stay within the country theme, favor star papers as matter. The guest list can be hung on the wall the old-fashioned way. You can also use a pallet that will serve as a support.

Favor tables and chairs made with a noble material

Row of wooden chairs before the start of the ceremony Photo credit: Margaryta Basarab

Opt for wooden tables and chairs to stay within the natural theme. You can them leave without cover or colors for a successful country wedding decoration. This room decor idea is reminiscent of the interior of the inns of yesteryear. It is also economical since you do not have to pay for the rental or purchase of table linen.

Eucalyptus and flowers around an altar

A woman cutting eucalyptus trees to decorate the altar Photo credit: NelliSyr

The altar and flowers go hand in hand at a country wedding. Plants serve as basis for decoration . You can improve the decor with some eucalyptus and a light garland. The idea is to create a cheerful environment while remaining simple.

Neutral colors in all corners

A place of ceremony with a minimum of color Photo credit: franz12

For a successful country wedding decoration, respect the color codes. They must be neutral at all times. Ribbons, table linens and all other accessories should preferably be beige, brown or white in color. Rest assured, you will bring touches of color to the party thanks to the plants: jute, rose and flower.

Lanterns in the reception room

A party venue decorated with paper lanterns Photo credit: i_talay

If you plan to continue the party in the evening, do not forget to think about lighting . One of the most appreciated and decorative solutions is to hang lanterns from the ceiling. There are all colors. It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you to create a warm atmosphere.