3 good reasons to watch “Darknet-sur-Mer”, the new Amazon series

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 11:31:03

Today we reveal three good reasons to watch 'Darknet-sur-Mer', the new Amazon series with Artus.

Like he usually does, Amazon prime video renews its catalog in October.

And among the new content offered to the platform's 200 million subscribers, the series “Darknet-sur-Web”, which arrives on October 7, should delight more than one.

Carried by comedian Artus, irresistible as a deceived mobster and eager for revenge, this comedy tackles the subject of the 'Darkweb' with humor and suspense.

The pitch? Ben and Flo, two inseparable geeks are bored to death in their village of Ponet-sur-Mer. So to kill time, the two friends prefer to surf the darknet but this little game will turn against them when they scam two mobsters from Albania.

Intriguing, isn't it? And if you are not yet convinced, here are 3 good reasons to follow “Darknet-sur-Mer”:

Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

Because seeing Artus as an Albanian mobster is worth the detour

Artus as a hoodlum, we didn't see it coming! The comedian, revealed by the show 'On n'demande qu'en rire' indeed interprets an Albanian gang leader and it's quite tasty.

Because this is the first time that a series evokes the Darknet with humor

No matter how hard we look, we don't remember a series evoking the universe of the darknet with so much lightness. And that's perhaps the most interesting thing because there's nothing more entertaining than bringing up a sensitive subject in a humorous tone.

Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

Because the casting is excellent

In addition to Artus, we find in the cast of the series Joséphine Draï ('Plan heart', 'Belle, belle, belle') Théo Fernandez ('Gaston Lagaffe', 'The 7 lives of Léa'), Léon Plazol, Vincent Desagnat (' La Beuze”, “Fatal”), Isabelle Candelier (“10 percent”), or even Arié Elmaleh (“Depression and Friends”). We also note the appearance of an illustrious 'Unknown' in the person of Pascal Légitimus.

Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

If with that, we didn't make your mouth water, we can't do anything for you.