25 tips for how to save money

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 20:11:16

Do you want to save money, but can't quite manage it? Here are 25 tips that will help you spend less!

Saving money: a question of organization

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Save ! Just hearing that word is enough to make some people cringe. Indeed, many believe that if you earn money, it is to spend it. And besides, there is nothing more true! Work involves earning money , and making money involves spending. What's the point of working if you can't even enjoy your money?

However, it should be known that life is a continuous river and not a still lake. This means that it is necessary to think about the future, which involves managing your budget, save your money And think about the future . Sure, it's important to enjoy life, but saving money gives you a head start on the future. Moreover, saving is not as hard as it seems . It is quite possible to save money, without limiting your 'pleasure' budget to a minimum. The key is to know how to organize and follow certain tricks which can be very useful.

25 money saving tips

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The following tips and tricks will save you money and keep you from wasting your money.

Repay debts

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Before you save your money, be sure to give back to others . Whatever the sum, it is always better not to owe anything to anyone. Moreover, it is more a sign of respect towards the person from whom you have borrowed. If there are several, then you have to make efforts on your budget!

Manage your money

Your expenses should be proportional to your income. It is too irresponsible spend and live above their income. The best way to manage your budget is 50/30/20 method :

  • 50% of income for basic household expenses;
  • 30% of income for personal expenses;
  • 20% of income for savings.

Plan your savings

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It is possible to plan your savings in advance taking into account his income. Set yourself the rule of saving X euros each month and classify the money as soon as you receive it. Organizing yourself in this way will make this practice a habit.

The penny a day

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Make savings does not always involve a large sum of money. The penny-a-day method is relatively easy to apply and saves you money, without you even realizing it.

For the first day, you have to save a penny. The next day, two cents. The day after, four centimes. The amount to be saved will be multiplied by two every day. After a year, you will end up with a significant amount of savings.

Set a limit for card spending

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Pay with a Bank card is more practical psychologically. Since the money is not physical, it is less difficult to spend it. However, this money does exist and it decreases in your bank account. Set yourself a spending limit to make sure you don't fall into the red at the end of the month.

Open a savings account

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The savings account is a safe bet. It's money that you save, that grows, and, most importantly, that you can't touch for a while. Funding a savings account is a real investment.

Reduce energy loads

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energy (heating and electricity) represents nearly 10% of household expenditure in France. To save money, it is advisable to reduce your energy costs. For example, reduce the electricity bill by turning off the lights and only rarely using appliances that consume a lot of energy. For heating, switch to less energy-intensive heater models. energy . It is also possible to change energy supplier, but remember to compare before you start.

Limit your water consumption

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The water is also a determining factor for expenses in a house. It is very easy to save water. For example, turn off the tap when washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Take smart showers, and don't waste gallons of water washing your hair. If washing your hair really requires using lots of water, then use a dry shampoo to avoid having to rinse it out.

Also consider limiting the use of the washing machine and dishwasher.

Find an additional activity

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A additional source of income is always welcome. For example, you can start selling small electronic devices online. You just need to find a supplier and resell your devices at a higher price to make a profit. If you are a good cook, why not sell small pastries or sweets (on your scale)? You can also take a second job for the night! No matter what you decide to do, the important thing is that this new source of income earns you enough money to save even more.

Cancel unused subscriptions

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Here, there is no question of insurance, electricity, heating, and the Internet. With housing, these are fixed expenses that it is impossible to remove from your budget. It would be more about these subscriptions that you do not necessarily use such as video on demand platforms, streaming music platforms, etc. If you don't use them, don't incur unnecessary expenses, and cancel them.

Do small repairs yourself

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A house is a nest of small breakdowns. But, it is not always necessary to call the plumber for a little water leaking from the tap. Invest in a toolkit and learn to do it yourself . To help you, you will find dozens of videos that explain how to do it on YouTube. This tip is to be shared!

Think before you buy

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Don't be tempted by unnecessary expenses . Your place doesn't have to be bigger, you don't need a new phone, and buying those new shoes won't give you back your ex who left you because you spent the half of your savings for the purchase of a game console. Set your goals and drop unnecessary purchases.

Or use a slightly dishonest, but completely legal method!

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If you really fancy that raclette or that little dress is perfect for your date this week, then grab the products, but make sure they come with a return promise from the store. . Once you've used them, return them to the store to get your money back. It is certainly not very ethical, but it remains a way to have fun without spending, and, above all, this method is 100% legal .

Reduce shopping expenses

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If you do your shopping every day, you will automatically spend a substantial amount. It's better to shopping once a week and stock up on the closet. Make a shopping list and list your expenses at the same time! As a result, you will know how much money you will spend on shopping for the week, and can manage your budget as you wish.

Buy in bulk

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For basic products, go to a wholesaler . Buying in bulk avoids excessive prices, and allows you to build up a stock at home. Plan a room in your house that will be dedicated to stocking up on bulk groceries.

Stop superfluous food!

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Chips, sodas, chocolate and other sweets are not not essential to stay alive! It is best to limit the consumption of these foods, or even eliminate them completely from your diet. Certainly, they provide pleasure, but, if it can console you, tell yourself that it is better for your health. You may not believe it, but your finances will thank you.

Buy smart

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When the finances are not cooperative, it is advisable to apply a method of incredible efficiency: the patience . Know how to be patient and wait for the right time to buy. During Black Friday, during the summer sales or Christmas promotions, you will be in the presence of products sold at ridiculous prices. Choose this time to treat yourself to electronics and clothing, the best-selling items during these times.

Le batch cooking

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When you cook every day, you use electricity, water and gas every day. With the batch cooking , significantly reduce your energy consumption. Batch cooking consists of cooking all the dishes of the week at once, and storing them in the refrigerator while waiting to be reheated at the desired time.

Don't buy, invest

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When we buy electronic devices, we want to buy the one with the lowest price, thinking we are getting a good deal. However, buying cheaper is not necessarily buying better. For your electronic or other devices, prioritize quality over price . It is better to pay a higher amount at once, than to pay a low amount several times.

Sell ​​unused items

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If you don't use it, sell it. If it's unsalable, give it away. If no one wants it, throw it away.

Avoid too frequent outings

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It is not advisable to go out every weekend . Expenses for restaurant meals, drinks, the nightclub and the price of a taxi to come home at two in the morning completely drunk can strain your finances and affect your savings. When budgeting for the month, allow a small amount for an outing or two. Have fun, but stay reasonable.

Make your clothes last

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Buying clothes can become a compulsive practice. Indeed, buying a t-shirt implies buying pants, which implies buying shoes, which implies buying a jacket, etc. It is therefore preferable to limit the need to buy clothes as much as possible. Here, as with electronic devices, focus on quality . Good quality jeans can last you more than 10 years. Also consider take good care of your clothes to avoid damaging them prematurely.

Limit your car trips

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Gasoline prices have risen dramatically in recent years. Walking is free! Use your car only when necessary. For your daily trips, swap the car against public transport. You will probably get up earlier, but your finances will thank you, once again!

Take care

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Getting sick costs money. Be as careful as possible not to get sick and, above all, take the trouble to rest your body. A weak and tired body gets sick very easily.

Physical activity, diet and sleep . Respect these three pillars of health and your savings will not suffer.

Don't be tempted by big cash inflows

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Did you have a substantial bonus or did you win a large sum of money at a scratch game or during your poker night of the week? Congratulation ! But, don't get carried away. If all you're thinking is, 'I'm going to buy that new tablet, I deserve it!' you risk spending it all. SO, resist temptation and instead inflate your savings, you will not regret it.