25 Spooky Decoration Ideas for Halloween

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 17:36:03

Want to create an original and scary decoration for Halloween? Here are 25 ideas to inspire you and help you have an unforgettable evening.

15 Halloween themed decoration ideas for your home

A Halloween decoration idea for your living room. Credit: evgenyatamanenko

To celebrate the Halloween as it should be, a decoration as original as it is frightening is essential. Here are some ideas to turn your house into a real haunted house. Your guests will have the fright of their life!

1- Paper spiders

A paper spider model to decorate the house. Credit: TShum

Just like black cats, spiders are believed to be witches' best friends. These little ones arachnids all furry symbolize Halloween . If you want to scare your guests during your evening, place some black paper spiders in the corners of the house. It is easy to make such a decoration. Just trace a template on paper, color it black and cut it out.

2- A spider web in the toilet

A very realistic spider web. Credit: Igor Nelson

The fake cobwebs in the different rooms of the house are also essential during the Halloween festivities. With creativity and the right materials, it will be easy for you to make a DIY canvas. Cotton or string will be enough to create this decoration. Otherwise, you can also make it easier for yourself by buying a ready-made decorative spider web from the store.

3- Several pumpkins on the chimney

Pumpkins used as fireplace decorations. Credit: Ismagilov

For an elegant touch in your interior, store a few pumpkins ornaments on the fireplace is a sensible idea. These decorative elements will bring warmth to the room and make your Halloween party more convivial. The idea is to draw a face on your previously emptied pumpkins to make them look spooky. For a soft decoration, keep the original shape of a few pumpkins.

4- A luminous pumpkin

Bright pumpkins to decorate your interior. Credit: AlexRaths

For a successful Halloween decoration, opt for the luminous pumpkin. This will make the general atmosphere of your living room or your dining room terrifying. You will find different bright pumpkin patterns on online stores like Amazon. Alternatively, you can also create a DIY glowing pumpkin by emptying the inside and lighting a candle or small lamp inside.

5- A spider garland

A garland template for Halloween. Credit: Firn

The garland is an essential decoration of the holidays. It embellishes the room and creates a ambiance festive . For Halloween, don't hesitate to hang a few spider garlands in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They will create a nice surprise effect for your guests. For make your own garland , you will need paper, glue and some pre-cut cardboard spiders.

6- A few pumpkins and skulls

A table decoration idea for Halloween. Credit: Inside Creative House

For a successful table decoration , do not hesitate to put some accessories on it. Scary-faced pumpkins and skulls will be perfect to recall the theme of the evening. You will find several models in various colors and shapes in store. Otherwise, you can also have fun making table decorations yourself.

7- Mice in the bathroom

A witch holding a pumpkin and a mouse in her hands. Credit: Remains

Mice are also symbols of Halloween . To scare your friends, invite these little evil beings in your home decor. The best thing to do is to hide a few fake plush or plastic mice in the most frequented rooms of the house, such as the bathroom. You can also scatter them in the restroom to scare your guests.

8- Bats hanging from the ceiling

Decorative bats for Halloween. Credit: Almaje

Hanging a few fake bats from the ceiling is also a good decoration idea . They will make the party even more unforgettable. This type of decoration is ideal for living rooms. You can also invite him into your dining room, your bathroom and even your bedroom. Do not hesitate to follow tutorials to create original bats at low cost.

9- A witch hat as a centerpiece

A witch's hat. Credit: ChrisGorgio

To decorate your Halloween centerpiece, bet on a witch's hat . This element will make your evening even more terrifying. For a touch of originality and chic, do not hesitate to associate it with other decorative accessories such as miniature pumpkins, mummified fruits, dried flowers in autumn colors, a vase filled with spiders and insects...

10- A witch's broom at the entrance

A decoration idea for the entrance. Credit: Ekaterina Fedulyeva

So that your guests can immerse themselves directly in party atmosphere , leave a witch's broom lying around your hallway. This accessory of decoration will immediately give them a glimpse of the evening that awaits them. For even more terror, you can hang a cape and a witch hat on your coat rack.

11- A ghost floating in the hallway

A ghost to hang in the hallway. Credit: Наталия Гусарова

A fabric ghost will also add character to your interior decoration. You can hang it on your stairs or in your dining room for a October 31 most terrifying. The advantage of this decorative element is that you can make it yourself. All you have to do is use your old white sheets, add two holes in it for the eyes and hang it up with a string.

12- Ghosts made with glass bottles

A carefully decorated room for Halloween. Credit: Shangarey

If you are a DIY enthusiast, this idea will surely please you. It is about transforming the glass bottles that you have recycled into small decorative ghosts. To do this, paint your bottles with white paint. Then let it dry before drawing faces on it with a black marker. You can use these glass phantoms to decorate your fireplace or your table.

13- Candles as lighting

Candles for Halloween. Credit: evgenyatamanenko

Halloween rhymes with dark and cold night. To create this atmosphere in your home, do not hesitate to turn off all the lights and only use candles as lighting. Your dinner will be a success thanks to this subdued atmosphere worthy of horror movies. And for more effect, use skull candle holders. You will find several original models in decoration shops.

14- Use an orange tablecloth

A pretty table decorated for Halloween. Credit: Svetlana-Cherruty

The tablecloth is a must. It dresses your table while bringing warmth to your evenings. For October 31, do not hesitate to take out your most beautiful orange tablecloth . This will bring a decorative touch to the room and will seduce your guests. For a harmonious decoration, choose black or gray napkins.

15- Spooky dolls on the stairs

A disguised doll for Halloween. Credit: frentusha

Placing old dolls on the stairs will also make your interior spooky. Dress them in long white dresses to give them an evil look. You can also ask a specialist to make up . If you don't have any dolls at home, you can get them at an interesting price in the antique shops .

10 Halloween-themed decoration ideas to dress up your exterior

A decorative idea for the outside. Credit: ACH-DP

Here are 10 original decoration ideas to make the exterior of your house spooky during Halloween night:

1- Hang a spooky wreath on your front door

A wreath template for your door. Credit: Matt Young

A DIY Halloween wreath will help you create a unique decor. You will find many ideas to inspire you on sites like Pinterest. The models designed from orange and black colored streamers are at the top of the trend. Otherwise, you can also bet on a wreath of dried flowers. Do not hesitate to add a few spiders or paper ghosts for more originality.

2- Black balloons in the garden

Black balloons to decorate the garden. Credit: snake3d

To decorate your Halloween-themed garden, dare black balloons. Combined with a few touches of red, they will give an evil and bloody look to your exterior. The idea is to hang your balloons in a corner of the garden intended to welcome your guests. You can also place them near your table for a festive atmosphere during dinner.

3- Some light garlands

A Halloween decoration with light garlands. Credit: silvia cozzi

Halloween is an occasion to share good times with family . And nothing better than a dim light for a warm and friendly atmosphere. For October 31, hang some light garlands in the garden. They will beautify your space. You can put your garlands in the trees or in the bushes for a beautiful look. Hanging them around your table is also a good idea.

4- Fake skeletons in the bushes

A skeleton in front of the front door. Credit: BackyardProduction

This type of decoration will certainly give you goosebumps. You will find a decorative skeleton in specialty stores. Do not hesitate to add other symbolic decorative objects such as spiders, bats or plastic snakes all around.

5- A cemetery in the courtyard

A cemetery model to create in your yard. Credit: chainatp

For make your Halloween decoration a success , you can create a graveyard in your yard. For this you will need some cardboard boxes for the tombstones , a pot of gray paint, black markers and string. Give free rein to your imagination to create an atypical decor. And for an even more realistic look, feel free to float a few fabric ghosts near your graveyard.

6- Scary birds clinging to trees

A very realistic Halloween decoration. Credit: chainatp

Birds like crows symbolize the Day of the Dead. With some creativity, you can create a few cardboard birds for decorate your trees and shrubs. Otherwise, you can also buy models made of plastic in toy stores or Halloween decoration shops. All you have to do is hang them in the desired place using a string.

7- An old abandoned car

A car specially decorated for Halloween. Credit: Maria Symchych-Navrotska

For a yard or garden worthy of horror films , decorate your old car with a few accessories (spider web, bats, ghosts…). You can use your creativity to make unique decorations. Otherwise, you can also call a professional. He will offer you his services according to your request.

8- Bright pumpkins in your aisles

A Halloween-themed walkway. Credit: Oleg Elkov

Every little detail will bring a touch of originality to your garden decoration . For aisles, you can store glowing pumpkins lengthways. Battery-operated candles will make it easier for you. Do not forget to draw a spooky face on your pumpkins to respect the general atmosphere of your exterior. And for more harmony, make sure they are the same size.

9- Ghost-shaped lanterns

A decorative idea for the garden. Credit: AlexRaths

Lanterns are also decorative accessories perfect for Halloween. You will find different models adapted to your needs in specialized shops. Otherwise, it is also easy to make lanterns yourself from recycled objects (plastic bottles, milk cans, empty pumpkins, etc.). For this option, all you have to do is buy luminaires adapted to the size of the lanterns you want to create.

10- A front door transformed into a mummy

A mummy. Credit: _Platinka_

To amuse the children who will ring at your door during the halloween party , turn your door into a mummy. To do this, you will only have to stick toilet paper on your door, making sure that it forms the silhouette of these corpses of ancient Egypt. Don't forget to place spooky eyes on top for a look  most terrifying.