25 ideas to decorate your fireplace

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-22 15:33:01

If you have a fireplace in your home, discover different ideas for decorating or revamping its mantel or hearth to give it a new look.

Decoration of the fireplace: an idea to make the house more design

The successful decoration of a wood-burning fireplace Credit: poligonchik

winter and Christmas are an opportunity to redecorate the fireplace to give it a new lease of life and a more festive look. The fireplace can quickly become one of the advantages of the house if it is well highlighted thanks to its decoration. Indeed, today's fireplaces are no longer limited to their function of heating the house by burning wood. Also playing an aesthetic role, it is important that they are decorated with care. For their part, heating appliances such as electric fireplaces and heating systems are there to prevent the occupants of the house from getting cold.

In the modern decor, the fireplace plays more of a decorative role . She is far from being neglected. Houses with a pretty fireplace are also very popular, even if it is not functional. The fireplace gives a more convivial and warm air to the living room. Its visual appearance is therefore an important element of the interior decoration . If decorated and presented with care, it can even become the centerpiece of the living room or dining room. There are many ideas and tips for decorating and revamping a simple fireplace to turn it into a cozy corner of the house.

Our 25 decorative ideas to make the fireplace more stylish in the living room

Are you running out of ideas on how to decorate or revamp your fireplace that you find too simple? Here are 25 decorative tips for a more design and modern fireplace or fireplace.

1/ Decorate your wood-burning fireplace with green plants

Green plants to put on the fireplace Credit: OlgaMiltsova

To bring freshness to the fireplace, place touches of vegetation is a good idea. Plants also bring softness to your living room and remind you of sunny summer days.

2/ Paint the mantle or the outline of the fireplace in black

A fireplace surrounded by black Credit: YKvision

The noir  or another dark color makes the fireplace more chic. This decoration idea allows you to contrast with the light color of your walls. Thus, the fireplace will be perfectly highlighted and will become the first asset of your living room.

3/ The fireplace decoration with candles of all sizes and shapes

Candles on the fireplace Credit: Vitalij Sova

This idea creates a warm and cozy decoration reminiscent of the scandinavian style . In addition, candles (whether real or fake) help improve the temperature and light around the fireplace. You can multiply the white or red candles above and all around your fireplace for Christmas.

4/ Decorate the fireplace by placing pots of succulents in its hearth

Succulents to slip into the hearth of a non-functional fireplace Credit: Svetlanais

If the fireplace in your living room or dining room is not functional, you can install a few pots of succulents in his home. This will save you space, but also an original decoration at home.

5/ Decorate the fireplace by installing a rug and chairs just in front

A fireplace decorated for Christmas Credit: Malkovstock

The installation of a carpet and chairs in front of the fireplace gives the impression of being closer to the hearth which emits the heat during the cold winter evenings. For the rest of the year, this will give a designer effect , which will be even better if you have a wooden floor.

6/ Decoration of the fireplace by repainting everything, except its hearth

A repainted fireplace Credit: YKvision

If your fireplace is functional, keep the fireplace in its original state, because the wood fire may damage the paint. On the other hand, you can paint the rest with a trendy shade (duck blue, curry yellow, emerald green, matte black, etc.) to enhance the interior decoration of your home.

7/ Decorate the fireplace by painting it black

A fireplace decorated in black Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

If you have the walls of the living room all in white, in light gray, or in warm colors, paint the fireplace all black is a good decorating idea, provided the room is spacious. In small spaces, black may weigh down the interior decoration.

8/ Decorate the fireplace with books

A reading corner in front of the fireplace Credit: AlexRaths

Turn your home into a cozy reading nook by placing books above and installing a reading chair next to it. It is also possible to place books inside the hearth and in front of the fireplace.

9/ Decorate the fireplace with a large mirror

A large mirror above a fireplace Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

A large mirror allows you to visually enlarge the space and also has its practical side. A beautiful designer mirror hanging on the fireplace will draw even more attention to this decorative piece in the living room.

10/ Decorate the fireplace with a concrete effect or marble effect coating

An all-white fireplace Credit: Hikesterson

The marble and concrete became very trendy in interior decoration. On the fireplace, these materials give a sober and chic effect. However, it would be necessary to break the “cold” and too raw look of this decorative idea by adding touches of color to the walls or to the sofas (cushions and throws, colorful decoration on the coffee table, etc.).

11/ Decorating the fireplace with photo frames

Picture frames on a fireplace Credit:: PC Photography

Picture frames hanging on the wall? This decor idea is quite classic, but timeless. Modernize your fireplace even more and bring more cheerfulness and sophistication by multiplying the photo frames and candle holders. This is ideal if your living room decor is base on or minimalist . You will draw attention to the fireplace. On the other hand, if your house is already very loaded with decorative accessories, three or four frames on the coat will suffice.

12/ Decorate the fireplace by dressing its base with graphic or ethnic tiles

A fireplace surrounded by tiles Credit: vubaz

The printed graphics and colors will break the monotony of your fireplace. The latter will become more original and more stylish, enough to improve your living room decor.

13/ Decorate the fireplace with a low suspension

A chandelier above a fireplace Credit: Sl-f

There are hanging lamps or decorative chandeliers that can reach your chimney. Its suspensions can be in the form of clouds, white balls, crystals, etc. Also bet on the special hanging garlands for Christmas. The idea is not to hide the hearth, but to embellish the top of the fireplace.

14/ Decorate the fireplace in the living room with golden objects

A fireplace decorated with white and gold objects Credit: Elena Karetnikova

For those who love festive interiors, gold-colored candlesticks, statuettes and trinkets are perfect to install. On a fireplace painted black, beige or in white, the rendering is very elegant .

15/ Decoration of the fireplace with pretty candle holders

Tealight holders on a fireplace Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Like picture frames, tealight holders and lanterns are great for adorning your fireplace, especially during the Christmas time . They find a prominent place next to candles and wreaths.

16/ Decorate the fireplace with light garlands on the wall

A fireplace with light garlands for Christmas Credit: Proxima13

Create light effects with sparkling garlands to give a touch of magic to your decor. The fireplace is the best place in the house to hang your fairy lights and swags, whether it's for Christmas or any other occasion of the year.

17/ Decorate the fireplace with an original formwork

A fireplace surrounded by cut stone Credit: AssasinatorCzar

A brick formwork painted white, imitation ceramic tiles, or even concrete designed to create artistic and original patterns… there is no shortage of ideas for embellishing the formwork of the fireplace.

18/ Decorate the fireplace by accumulating vases with or without flowers

A fireplace decorated with vases without flowers Credit: WichitS

It is not a question here of placing one or two pretty flowery vases, but of put vases design in terracotta, glass, porcelain or ceramic. Preferably, choose them in the same tones and the same materials, as if it were an exhibition or a collection. A popular decorative idea.

19/ Decorate the fireplace by painting the hearth

Fireplace with repainted hearth Credit: HannamariaH

Give a new look to your non-functional living room fireplace by coloring the hearth with a glitzy eye-catching hue. Another way to revive your home decor modern .

20/ Decorate the fireplace by slipping decorative objects inside

Decorating a non-functional fireplace Credit: Liudmila Chernetska

As with cactus pots, you can, for example, place statuettes, large encyclopedias, flower vases or designer lanterns inside the fireplace. The idea is to use it as a decor box .

21/ Decorate only one side of your fireplace

Minimalist decoration of a fireplace Credit: EricLatt

This is a very original idea to modernize the home decor . If you can't decide between the minimalist style and the busy decor , opt for both by decorating the fireplace on one side only.

22/ Decorate the fireplace by installing a contemporary wood stove

A wood-burning stove in the fireplace Credit: PaulMaguire

A contemporary wood stove installed in front or inside if the hearth is spacious enough to accommodate one.

23/ Renovate the fireplace mantle to decorate the house

A gray fireplace Credit: Bombaert

A stroke of paint , a covering in decorative adhesive paper , a covering in wood …there are different ways to renovate the fireplace mantle. You can even remove it to replace it with a more designer, more baroque or more elegant model.

24/ Decorate the fireplace by surrounding it with a bookcase

A fireplace next to a library Credit: archideaphoto

Install your fireplace in the middle of a large library to enhance your home decor. Bookshelves made entirely of natural wood are ideal for making your home with a classic fireplace even more elegant.

25/ Decorate the fireplace by surrounding it with storage for logs and firewood

Fireplace with storage for logs Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Sometimes it is enough to install a storage room which you will fill with logs of wood well cut to revamp your fireplace.