25 funny messages to say happy new year

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-25 12:02:02

There are funny ways to say Happy New Year. Discover 25 funny but effective messages to wish a loved one a wonderful New Year.

Before mentioning funny messages to wish a happy new year, it is appropriate to make a small reminder on the rules of etiquette . Indeed, there are certain rules which are not always respected and which deserve to be known. They usually revolve around the question 'who should say New Year's wishes first?' '.

As a rule, it is always the youngest who has to wish a Happy New Year first. Thus, a son should not wait for a message from his parents before presenting his vows. Between brother and sister, it is up to the youngest to send a wish before the others.

In the professional context, the same principle is applied, except that it is necessary to take into consideration the hierarchy and not the age. An employee must therefore wish a happy new year to your superior straight first. However, there are exceptions. Some bosses like to present their wishes first every new year. In this case, it remains only to respond in the most beautiful way to the wishes received.

These rules apply whether you want to send a text message or greeting cards.

Wishing a happy new year or presenting your wishes with humor!

A woman surprised by a humorous Happy New Year message linked to a traditional card Photo credit: primipil

You wonder why make funny wishes for the new Year ? The main reason is to bring a little happiness to your loved ones such as on a birthday or at Christmas. Humor always hits the mark. By reading your message, you bring joy . The smile will freeze on his face, which will brighten his day.

A presentation of funny greetings by phone or via a card is also original. The recipient always expects to receive serious messages with good resolutions such as 'Best wishes' or 'Happy New Year'. With a funny message, the surprise is total, especially if it contains some well-found puns. In addition, it is a good way to start a conversation with a loved one.

Of course, it is necessary to choose the person to whom to send these messages. It is advisable to avoid sending them to a susceptible relative unless they know you very well. If so, the effect of funny messages will be the opposite of what you expect, especially if they include dark humor.

Send funny greeting cards to wish a happy new year

A man sending a funny message to wish a happy new year by phone and not by card Photo credit: ViDi Studio

Currently, there are many ways to send a message or a wish for the New Year. Among the possibilities, there are the classic greeting cards. You can send them to multiple people at the same time, including family members, friends, and even co-workers. The advantage is that it is possible to add funny images. Another possibility is to send messages by phone or email. For one or the other, you have to be concise, but effective to surprise or make people laugh. It is also possible to send funny emojis. A final option is the video message. A funny and funny sequence in which you can let go and send jokes.

Regardless of the medium you choose, you need to think about the best way to wish a happy birthday. For this, there are many effective techniques:

  • Resume jokes with the same first name as the targeted person;
  • Divert a quote known to make people laugh;
  • S'inspirer des modèles sur Internet en cas de panne.

Do not hesitate to get help to achieve the surprise effect on the day of receipt of the message. As a reminder, New Year wishes must be sent or answered before January 31 in France. You have time to find an effective text template.

5 funny messages to wish a happy new year to friends

Two little girls taking the opportunity to wish their friends a happy new year with a humorous message Photo credit: photosvit

With friends it is easier to find the ideal message to make you laugh and wish a happy new year at the same time. Indeed, you know each other very well. Almost everything is allowed for those closest to you, because you are surely scolding each other all day long. Remember these to write a humorous message to your friends. To give you ideas, here are 5 funny new year message templates to send to a friend:

  1. With friends, it's like with breasts. Some are false, while others are true. You are a real friend. Happy New Year to you my very bosom friend.
  2. Years go by, but you stay young. Tell me who is your surgeon? He is arguably the best in the world. Happy New Year my up-and-coming friend.
  3. My old friend, if you move and crack every moment, you are old and cracking. Happy New Year my old friend.
  4. For this new year, I prescribe for you a prescription of happiness to be enjoyed without moderation. Take two happiness capsules every morning. A suppository of luck and a shot of joy are for you every night.
  5. Last year, I was there to fuck with you. For this new year, you will still have to put up with me. Happy new year.

5 funny messages to wish a happy new year to your parents

A woman reflecting on a funny message to wish parents the best Photo credit: firecrackers

It may be surprising, but it is quite possible to send a funny wish message and to parents. This can be effective if you don't think you'll be able to see them for a while for some reason. Of course, messages don't have to be like those for friends. However, there are certain limits to be respected. We must not forget that these are parents. The best way to do this is to take a quote they like and hijack them. The goal is to make people laugh and show the affection for them through these funny quotes or texts. To inspire you, here are some examples of funny messages to send to parents:

  1. Dear parents, may your wishes be celebrated for this new year. Happy New Year.
  2. I send you in advance all my best wishes for 2023: Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Father's and Mother's Day. I will be there for your birthdays.
  3. 'Happiness is having good health and a bad memory' quote by Ingrid Bergman. I wish you the same for this new year.
  4. You are on board the year 2023. To spend this year in good health, please listen to my wishes of happiness.
  5. Dear parents, I will not be here for New Year's Day, but for the day after. Don't worry, I'll be coming to taste the appetizers during the pre-holidays. Happy new year.

5 funny messages to wish a happy new year with humor to your lover

A woman laughing after receiving a funny New Year's wish Photo credit: ViDi Studio

In love, there can also be humor . It doesn't always have to be rosy. Humor can also add spice to the relationship. A greeting message can also surprise in a good way and strengthen the bond in a couple. Before sending the message, reread it carefully to make sure you are not overstepping the mark. Also write down things your partner likes.

Discover here some ideas for funny and romantic messages and texts to wish a happy new year:

  1. Who is the prettiest, smartest and craziest? You, the one who's crazy about me. I wish you a happy new year and a long life with this humorous message.
  2. My love, happy new year to you, the one that makes my head spin 365 days every year after our wedding.
  3. My love, my heart, I regret to let you know that we are not together at this time. Happy New Year to you and may we be together more often this year to talk about marriage.
  4. Five, four, three, two, one, happy new year. I hope you have resigned yourself to having me on your back for the next few years to come, because I will always be there for you. I love you with all my heart.
  5. This humorous message is sent by your darling's number to wish you a happy new year and a long life. I'm outside your door to tell you to your face.

5 funny messages to wish a happy new year to colleagues

Image of a woman with a Santa hat wishing a happy new year to colleagues with a humorous text Photo credit: Anastasiia Stiahailo

Colleagues are also entitled to presentations by humorous wishes without going overboard. Here are some examples of messages you can send:

  1. My favorite colleagues, we are going to be crazy again this year behind our computers. Happy New Year before the boss catches us. We are still at work see.
  2. A year that brings you together. I hope one of you is not stingy, haha. Happy new year all the same.
  3. Message of support to colleagues! We will once again spend a year typing on the keyboard, but not between us. Happy New Year everyone.
  4. Ding dong, the new year has entered the living room. Make room for him to have a good time for 365 days.
  5. Hey colleagues, another twelve months together, I hope. Happy New Year.

5 funny messages to bring joy to children on New Year's Day

Image of a father sending a funny message to wish his children a happy new year Photo credit: Deagreez

The parents can also send a funny message to their student or even older children:

  1. It's dad, I'm sending you this email to wish you a happy new year and good health... Oops, it's an SMS, I made a mistake.
  2. Happy New Year, little darling. We know you're tall, but this nickname brought you luck and will do so again this year.
  3. Dad and mom wish you a happy new year. We think very much of you, even if you are still our neighbor.
  4. We wish you a year that looks like you: funny and good as old wine.
  5. A resplendent year to you our child so that you finally grow up.