25 best Ikea hacks to personalize your apartment

Author: Clark Tos
2022-12-08 08:58:48

Does Ikea furniture seem too basic for your decorating style? Discover the 25 best hacks to turn them into decorative items.

Ikea hacks: tips for making the ordinary extraordinary

Couple assembling furniture Credits: monkeybusinessimages

The stores Ikea  are veritable temples for interior decoration enthusiasts. It is true that a couple's outing at Ikea rarely ends with the single purchase of a placemat. Many often find themselves at to acquire again furniture when they were only planning a simple visit. You are one of those who wonder if the furniture is trendy enough for a top decoration ? The question is legitimate. Indeed, it is important to specify that Ikea furniture, although practical and affordable, is sometimes too simple, too sober, too classic. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to remedy this, in order to customize Ikea furniture in articles of decoration . For this, there are Ikea hacks .

The hacks  are tricks allowing to make an object more efficient or more aesthetic . They also give them a function other than the basic one, for a more original use . De facto, Ikea hacks serve to customize a cabinet (shelf, chest of drawers, bookcase, table, tray, wardrobe, etc.) so that it fits better into the decoration and/or so that it has a more practical use.

Therefore, thanks to Ikea hacks, it is possible for you to radically transform the decoration of your home , to make it more modern and functional.

The 25 best Ikea hacks

A couple painting furniture Credits: Halfpoint

Did you buy a Kallax piece of furniture or a Billy bookcase, and regret your purchase when you got home? Don't despair, because you can transform them to suit your interior. Here is the 25 best hacks concerning furniture bought at Ikea.

Kallax furniture as a kitchen island

Kallax cabinet in kitchen island Credits: Magazine-benefits – Pinterest – Tips and tricks – IKEA

Kallax is a piece of furniture intended for storage. Very sober, it is sometimes difficult to integrate into a contemporary decoration. Improperly installed, it can also take up space and reduce the space available in your home. The solution ? Turn it into a central island for the kitchen. To do this, install a wooden table on the cabinet and install legs at both ends that protrude.

The Billy bookcase as shoe storage

Billy bookcase in shoe storage Credits: Harlowejames – Defiles – IKEA

The billy library is perfect for storing your books. But, what if all you have is a magazine and a pile of old newspapers? Turn Billy into a storage unit for your shoes . You can find the tutorial for this trick on the website d'Ikea .

The console with legs with Ekby Alex drawers

Ekby Alex en console sur pieds Credits : Apartmenttherapy – Thecrazykitchen – Ikeahackers – IKEA

The Ekby Alex drawers At first glance, nothing special. They are indeed simple drawers. To customize them and make a beautiful console, just to add four feet and install everything in your office. One of the simplest hacks to bring a Scandinavian touch to your home.

The side table with storage with the Frosta stool

Frosted stool on appointment table Credits : Topito – Solebich – Stool-IKEA – Range-reviews-IKEA

The stool Frosta can be transformed into a petite table d’appoint design . To do this, you will need to buy the set of two Knuff plywood magazine racks. Assemble them using wood glue and place them on the Frosta stool. The side table thus created is perfect for your living room.

The bench with storage box with Kallax

Kallax at banquette Credits : Pinterest – Deavita – Lesbricolesdemel – Architempore – IKEA

The meuble Kallax  exists in the form square , but also fit rectangular . You can use the rectangular Kallax cabinet to make a bench seat with storage boxes integrated. Nothing could be simpler: turn the piece of furniture on its side, place it in a corner of the room, put a small mattress on top and decorate with a few cushions. For a better design, you can drop small storage bins in each free space.

The spice rack with Billy

Spice storage with Billy Credits: 221vision – Pinterest – IKEA

If you're more of a kitchen rat than a bookworm, you can install the Billy bookcase in your kitchen and make it a storage cabinet for your spices . Just move it around and fill it with jars.

Storage for small spaces with Ekby Alex

Ekby Alex in storage unit Credits: Pinterest – Apartmenttherapy – IKEA

If you don't have enough space in your home and need extra storage space, screw small wheels under the Ekby Alex drawers . You get a storage unit that is easy to move, does not take up a lot of space, and is original. The little extra, it can also be used as a coffee table.

The coat rack with the Frosta stool

Frosta stools as coat racks Credits: Pinterest – Comfydwelling – latelier-azimute – IKEA

For this hack you need two Frosta stools . It is necessary to separate the legs from the seat to reform a whole new structure that can serve as a coat hanger .

The podium bed with the Kallax furniture

Lit podium Credits : Pinterest – Wholepics – Ikeahackers – BidouillesIkea – IKEA

Don't bother buying a new bed, instead use 3 Kallax pieces of furniture for an original and practical bed . Form a podium-like structure with rectangular Kallax furniture, place a slatted base in the middle, put down your mattress and you're done.

The caning to revamp the Ivar sideboard

Revamped Ivar buffet Credits: septemberedit

The buffet Ivar Although it takes advantage of the natural charm of wood, it is a piece of furniture that is a bit dull and lifeless. Bring him some pep by installing a layer of caning on each sideboard door. For an even more marked design effect, replace the standard handles with copper ones.

Wallpaper for the Tarva chest of drawers

Chest of drawers decorated with wallpaper Credits: lonefox

For improve the look of the Tarva chest of drawers , nothing like a patterned wallpaper . This hack is simple and effective. Choose the wallpaper that best suits your overall decor. Be careful that it does not become too flashy, which could upset the balance of your interior decoration.

The LURÖY slatted bed base in wall storage

Slatted bed base in wall storage Credits: ichdesigner

The slats can be used as an excellent wall storage . You just need to hang it on a wall with nails. In addition to creating designer storage space, it allows you to save more space in your apartment.

The trendier Hemnes chest of drawers with slate paint

Trendy chest of drawers Credits: angelarosehome. com

For a more modern decor , you can paint the Hemnes chest of drawers with slate paint. This matte black color is very trendy at the moment, and brings a whole new dimension to the relatively classic chest of drawers.

The Pax module in a tailor-made dressing room

Dressing chambre Credits : erinkestenbaum. com

It is possible to transform the Pax module in tailor-made wardrobe for your room. This is one of the hacks that require DIY knowledge. Indeed, the realization of the dressing room is a real challenge, but it is worth the effort.

A wall clock with the PROPPMÄTT chopping board

Cutting board clock Credits: ichdesigner. com

For a watch design and original, install a battery-powered clock system on a cutting board PROPPMÄTT . The hole in the handle of the cutting board can be used to hang it using a nail, hook or ribbon.

More pep for the Regolit lampshade

Revisited lampshade Credits: mariasoxbo. to

The lampshade of the Regolit style are widespread in modern interiors. However, they remain quite simple and not aesthetic enough. To make them trendier, draw a few dots on them with a black marker for a Dalmatian-inspired decorative item .

Floral patterns for Ivar closets

Floral pattern sideboard Credits: we-are-scout. com

The nature lovers will end up with this hack that involves covering an Ivar sideboard with floral patterned wallpaper. What make it more aesthetic and less raw.

The Sinnerlig suspension as a table lamp

Bamboo table lamp Credits: domino. com

The suspensions  are fashionable, but so are table lamps, in addition to being practical. Turn the Sinnerlig suspension into table lamp for a ethnic decor in all subtlety.

The Neiden frame for a DIY canopy bed

DIY Canopy Bed Credits: Ikea. com

Install rideaux sur le cadre Neiden to make one sky of bed . This is a great hack to turn your bed into a canopy bed.

Mosslanda photo tablets on the cat trail

Cat on a wall course Credits: IKEA. COM

Make your cat happy by installing a course on one of your walls . Use Mosslanda photo tablets for a clean look.

A bulb holder with the Sandshult console holder

Industrial style pendant light bulb Credits: sugarandcloth. com

If you are industrial style lover , this hack is for you. Install the Sandshult Console Mount as it should be, and instead of placing a console on it, install a bulb by wrapping the wire around it.

The suspended bedside table with the Attiltlig cutting board

Hanging bedside table Credits: IKEA. COM

The Attiltlig cutting board is perfect for making a hanging bedside table . To customize your hanging bedside table, let your imagination run wild (place a vase on it, make it shinier with varnish, etc.).

Incorporate vintage style with the revamped Rast chest of drawers

Console vintage Credits : realitydaydream. com

The raw side of the wood can be aesthetic, but it can also make a decoration too dull and lifeless. To better integrate it into the current trend, paint the structure white, varnish the drawer doors with a darker color, and replace the wooden handles with copper handles. You obtain furniture vintage on top of the trend.

A large desk with Alex pedestals

Desk with pedestals Alex Credits: beautyressort. com

With two Alex boxes and a large wooden plate, you get a bureau design  and practical.

The Lack coffee table as a bedside table

Bedside table near a bed Credits: stylemeprettyliving

The table basse Lack  has the perfect size to turn into nightstand . Decorate it with some wooden bows to make it more pleasing to the eye.