230 cetaceans stranded in Australia, half did not survive

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-21 18:00:04

A sad sight in Australia where many cetaceans have been found lifeless stranded off the coast of Tasmania.

L’ Australia prey to an unexplained phenomenon!

« A group of around 230 cetaceans washed ashore near Macquarie Harbor this Wednesday, September 21, said the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment of the State of Tasmania.

Half of these pilot dolphins, also called pilot whales, would not have survived according to the authorities.

230 cetaceans stranded off Tasmania in Australia

At the beginning of the week, 14 sperm whales had already been found dead not far from there.

Following this carnage, a team of biologists and veterinarians went there to try to understand the causes of such a disaster.

The causes of these deaths remain unexplained but scientists are advancing a theory.

According to Kris Carlyon, a biologist with the Tasmanian conservation agency, it could be a simple ' misadventure '. This is ' the most common reason for strandings . They (the cetaceans) may have been looking for food near the shore (…) they may have been caught at low tide “, specifies the person concerned in the columns of a local newspaper.

This is not the first time that Tasmania, an island state in southern Australia, has experienced such a situation.

Thus in 2020, the region had experienced its worst marine stranding when 470 animals found themselves trapped in the west of the island. At the time, more than 300 pilot whales had lost their lives.

The stranding of marine mammals remains a mystery to scientists. The latter often evoke multiple causes, but the hypothesis of human responsibility cannot be excluded.

Source: AFP