22 years later, she finds out she's always misspelled her first name

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-27 15:51:03

It's well known: the TikTok social network is full of unusual anecdotes, and the latest may make you smile: a young woman revealed that she had been spelling her first name incorrectly for 22 years!

Recently, a user of TikTok , a certain I_a_kelly, discovered that she had been misspelling her first name for 22 years, report our colleagues from Sudinfo. The latter hastened to tell her anecdote on the famous social network.

The birth certificate restores the truth

It was in a video that the young woman revealed the underside of this unusual story: “ My name is Lesley-ann, this is my first name , no middle name, that's what I was always told growing up. My mother insisted on never forgetting to include the hyphen “, she explained.

The young woman saw her life change when she was looking for a job: “ I was 22, applying for my first adult job after college, and asked my mom to send me my birth certificate. My name is Lesley, there is no hyphen and my middle name is Ann ».

And the least we can say is that this revelation was difficult for the young girl to take: “ My mother told me that's what happens when you let a man register the birth at the commune “, she confided.

Before adding: My dad's name is Lesley so I think that was his plan all along '. Without real surprise, Lesley is not the only one in this case. This is what this user says in a comment: “ My dad recorded me as Jennifer, it was supposed to be Jeanette, he just forgot ».

Source : Sudinfo