20 Ways to Incorporate Verdigris into Your Interior

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 17:41:02

Do you want to redecorate your home with a trendy color? Try verdigris. Here are 20 ways to incorporate it into your interior.

Verdigris: the trendy decorative color of the moment

Dining room with wooden furniture, gray green wall background Credits: JZhuk

The vert-of-grey is a color located between the green and the gray . It's about a cold color , combining perfectly with different styles of decoration. This ranges from Scandinavian style, classic timeless, to ethnic decoration through minimalism and vintage. It falls into the category of pastel shades.

Verdigris is a soft color , unlike dark bottle green or bright apple green. It therefore adapts to a rather sober and elegant style of decoration . Moreover, if the equilibrium is respected , it combines easily with materials such as wood or natural fibers . Associating green with these materials evokes nature.

Verdigris is a rather matte color . If you want to paint your interior with this color, it is advisable to opt for water color . Indeed, oil painting is more intended for brilliant colors.

Verdigris is a very versatile color , adapting to any decorative element. Wall, piece of furniture, carpet, or even cutlery, the whole thing is to know how to match it with the decoration style general in the room where you want to integrate it.

20 ways to incorporate verdigris into your home

Chambre verte Credits : Lilas Gh

If you are convinced by verdigris, we offer you 20 decorating ideas based on this color for an interior at the top of the trend.

The living room wall

Modern dining room Credits: planete-deco. en/Pinterest

In Modern House , the dining room is directly integrated into the living room, itself overlooking the cuisine opened. Indeed, the dining room is no longer a separate room. In addition to offering more practicality, this open living room configuration gives the impression of space. To incorporate verdigris into this room, paint the wall closest to the dining table. This helps bring out the color.

The ethnic style

Ethnic lounge Credits: Frenchy Fancy/Pinterest

The ethnic style is a style that invites you to travel. In general, the decorative elements integrated in this style are made of materials derived from wood. This natural color blends perfectly with verdigris. For the ethnic style of the decoration to be even more pronounced, do not hesitate to install hanging or potted green plants.

The kitchen counter

Kitchen with counter Credits: Discover design/Pinterest

The modern kitchen constitutes a full living room . It is no longer only intended for the preparation of good meals, but it is more like a room where it is pleasant to spend time. This is the reason why a lot of modern kitchens include a bar or a counter in their composition. The counter table can be made of wood, stone or marble. Paint the rest of the structure in verdigris for simple decoration.

Clean modern style

Minimalist decoration Credits: apartca-blog. com/Pinterest

The minimalism is a modern style that aims to remove everything that is superfluous from the general decoration. Minimalism is the very representation of order and tidiness. This is why it is considered the purest style of decoration. The softness of verdigris suits the minimalist style perfectly. the monochrome vert-de-gris is ideal for a minimalist decor.

Traditional cuisine

Old-fashioned kitchen Credits: formelab. com/Pinterest

If you are more into the traditional that in modern times, verdigris remains a reference in terms of painting. It insinuates itself wonderfully into a old fashioned kitchen with exposed stainless steel extractor hood, large dining table and benches as chairs. Painting a wall in verdigris ends up doing the trick.

The modern kitchen

Cuisine moderne Credits : ume illus

The modern decoration is more sober and less cluttered than the traditional decor. However, it is just as strong and the impact is the same for both styles. Choosing a verdigris island and cupboards/drawers in the same color creates a certain harmony in the kitchen.

Verdigris and wooden shelves

Verdigris wall and wooden shelves Credits: Pinterest/A swallow in the drawers

The wood is a material widely used in decoration. It is used for the floor, the walls, the furniture, but also for the various elements of an interior decoration. You should know that wood goes perfectly with verdigris. To combine them, you can paint a wall in verdigris and install wooden shelves Above. Simple and efficient.


Un service à thé vert Credits : Sostrene Grene

The use of verdigris does not stop at walls and furniture. You can also choose this color for the different accessories that you use every day. Plates as well as a tea service verdigris bring a lot of class, elegance and sobriety. Remember that decoration also includes utensils.

The wooden beam ceiling

Beam ceiling Credits: Pinterest

The force brute you wood is found in structures such as the beamed ceiling. Combine a ceiling of this type with verdigris walls and furniture to create a contrast between the strength of the wood and the softness of the dominant color.

Verdigris, black and white

Green, black, white living room Credits: Marion LANOË/Pinterest

In decoration, it is advisable not to marry more than three colors . Beyond that, the decoration risks being overloaded and lacking finesse and elegance. Verdigris associated with white and black is a safe bet . Mix these three colors in your living room for a sober but elegant decoration.


Vintage decor Credits: natetnature. blogspot. en/Pinterest

The style vintage  has become popular thanks to the followers of interior decoration. This 'return to the past' has paradoxically become modern and trendy. The main materials used for a vintage decor are wood and black metal. Two materials that form a combination of choice in a room with walls painted verdigris.

The bedroom wall

Modern bedroom with a gray green wall Credits: mademoiselleclaudine-leblog. com/Pinterest

The bedroom is the room reserved for the masters of the house. She has to be as comfortable as possible . It is also necessary that in the bedroom there should be a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to rest. For this, the softness of verdigris is ideal. Paint the wall next to the bed in verdigris to highlight the color.

The headboard

Bedroom with verdigris headboard Credits: Pinterest

If you find that an entire wall in verdigris is 'too much', choose a bedhead in this color. Thus, you will be able to integrate it into the decoration, without weighing it down.

bed linen

Bed with verdigris linen Credits: Pinterest

If, on the contrary, you wish highlight verdigris , opt for a bedding in this color.

Verdigris and green bottles

Modern bedroom with green bottles as decorative items Credits: Pinterest

The green bottles are decorative elements of choice. Their color is mat and goes with almost any style. For a modern decoration, place here and there one or two green bottles. Choose them in different sizes to showcase them well.

The bathroom

Salle de bain moderne Credits : Pinterest/delpha. com

The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to interior design. However, you should know that a well-decorated shower allows you to create a wellness area . The verdigris in the bathroom modernizes it and makes the time spent there more pleasant.

Patterns and verdigris

Bathroom with bathtub, with verdigris wallpaper in the background Credits: Graham and Brown

You like them patterns ? Choose a verdigris base adorned with white or light gray patterns . The patterns are modern and can be integrated into any room of the house, especially in the bathroom.

The ceiling

Bright bedroom with a gray green ceiling Credits: decocrush/Pinterest

Instead of painting a wall, choose to paint the ceiling . This is a different, but equally effective way to highlight a color.


Desk with armchair, gray green wall Credits: buknola. com/Pinterest

Working in a pleasant environment allows you to optimize production and be more concentrated. In order to make your work sessions at home more pleasant, opt for a decoration based on verdigris for your office .

A verdigris wooden wall

Office table in front of a wooden wall Credits: JZhuk

The wood is a material with a natural color full of charm . However, it is also possible to paint it to obtain a different style. If you have a wooden wall in your home, paint it verdigris for a different look that's still contemporary.