20 plants to put on your ultra hot terrace!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:20:02

To make the most of your terrace, improve its look with a few plants. Here are different ultra hot varieties to use as outdoor decoration.

1- Agaves

A beautiful plantation of agaves. Credit: Cavan Images

Agaves are beautiful succulents Can be grown in the ground or in pots. They are very popular with outdoor decorators because of their majestic shape and verdant color. These plants are also easy to maintain and are resistant to different climatic conditions. You can choose between the different varieties of agave that exist for beautify your terrace . Between Parry's agave, Victoriae Reginae and Americana Marginata, the choice will depend entirely on your desires and the decor you want to create.

2- Aloe vera

An aloe vera in pot. Credit: Albina Yalunina

Aloe vera is a succulent plant essential if you want to bring freshness to your terrace or balcony decoration. You can easily grow it in a nice pot. It does not require any particular maintenance and is ideal for those who do not have a green thumb. In addition to its beautiful appearance, aloe vera is also appreciated for its health benefits and for the skin. It treats certain everyday ailments and offers various benefits for the body.

3- A Japanese horsetail

Japanese horsetails grown in a field. Credit: peangdao

Japanese horsetail or winter riding » is also a beautiful plant to integrate on your terrace. Its appearance similar to bamboo makes it an essential element in zen and uncluttered outdoor decorations. It will embellish the aisles and bring an exotic note to the space. Japanese horsetail is a perennial which is resistant to temperature drops. It also tolerates heat very well. It will therefore allow you to have a beautiful terrace throughout the summer season.

4- Palm trees

A palm tree on a terrace. Credit: Artjafara

If you have a large terrace, you can grow palm trees . It is a variety of plant classified in the category of shrubs. Its advantage is that it will bring a touch of exoticism to all of your outdoor decoration and will help you, at the same time, to create a shady corner where you can relax during the summer. Palm trees are easy to care for. Regular watering is enough to preserve its beauty for many years.

5- A laurier-rose

A beautiful oleander grown in the ground. Credit: Gti861

If you like them flowering plants , the charm of the oleander will seduce you. Although it is most often grown in the garden, you can perfectly put it in a pot and use it to beautify your terrace or balcony. Attention, this plant needs the sun to live. You must respect its water needs. During the summer, you will need to water it every 2 or 3 days. In winter, watering is necessary only when the soil is dry.

6- A Calamagrostis

A Calamagrostis champ. Credit : nickkurzenko

Calamagrostis invites itself into trendy outdoor decorations. This large grass with a dense and majestic tuft will not only bring charm, but also originality to your terrace. Its foliage feathery flower stalks and its beautiful purple pink color will seduce you for sure. The advantage of Calamagrostis is that it adapts to all types of soil and can be grown in all regions of France. It also requires little maintenance.

7- A Carex

Sedges grown in pots. Credit: beekeepx

If you are looking for a beautiful, easy-care plant for your terrace, this variety is made for you. You can plant it in pots and water it regularly to keep it looking good. Carex is a false grass which is characterized by the diversity of its foliage . It varies between yellow, blue, variegated, green... On terraces, Carex is often associated with other varieties of plants such as Cotoneaster for an even more pleasant visual effect.

8- A Celastrus

Celastrus planted in a garden. Credit: Daniel Gauthier

The Celastrus is also one of the most beautiful plants to put on your terrace. This is a vigorous shrub which can adapt to all conditions. You can use it to cover your walls or your pergola. Its imposing shape and colorful fruits will bring warmth to the exterior of your home. To maintain it, make sure it is sheltered from the wind. For planting, prefer fertile soils , deep and sufficiently drained. The Celastrus is able to withstand a temperature below 30°C.

9- A Cotoneaster

A Cotoneaster in bloom. Credit: Natasha Stewart

The evergreen foliage and the magnificent Red fruits Cotoneaster makes it an ornamental plant par excellence. It is especially beautiful in autumn and winter. You can use this plant to dress up your terrace or your balcony. However, make sure it has enough space to thrive. The Cotoneaster does not need watering except frequent. Watering should only be done during periods of great drought . Attention. If you grow it in a pot, you will need to water it regularly during the summer seasons.

10- A Multiplex

An Atriplex grown in the ground. Credit: Orest Lyzhechka

If you wish to bring a haven of greenery to your small relaxation area , do not hesitate to opt for Atriplex, also known as sea purslane. It is a plant belonging to the Chenoposiaceae family. It is characterized by its silvery-bluish foliage reminiscent of the Côte d'Azur and its tiny flowers. The Atriplex comes in different varieties:

  • We take L'Atriplex;
  • L'Atriplex laciniata;
  • L'Atriplex cash register;
  • L'Atriplex Tatarica

11- Star anise

A pretty star anise. Credit: Arsgera

P plant from China , star anise is appreciated for its majestic bearing and its delicious fruit. The latter is often used in the concoction of various pastries and drinks. Badiane lends itself very well to life on the terrace. You can also put it on your balcony. Its culture can be done in a tank. To preserve its beauty, water it regularly. Adding manure compost is also necessary in the spring. Repotting will be done according to its growth.

12- A nasturtium

A pretty nasturtium flower. Credit: Quasarphoto

In order to warm up your terraces and balconies , grow nasturtium. This climbing plant offers pretty orange flowers during the summer season. The nasturtium can reach a height of up to 4 meters, perfect for creating a small shaded corner for your siestas and small moments of relaxation with the family. This pretty plant will also protect you from vis-à-vis. Its advantage is that it requires little maintenance. Its growth is also very fast.

13- A wisteria

A wisteria in full bloom. Credit: NYPhotoboy

In order to elegantly dress the walls of your terrace, bet on wisteria. It's about a woody and climbing plant offering clusters of flowers over 50 meters in length. Its purple color will immediately bring a note of freshness and exoticism to the exterior of your home. Besides its beauty, this plant also offers many health benefits . It promotes recovery after sport, provides restful sleep, helps the liver to perform its functions well...

14- A passion flower

A passion flower. Credit: Santje09

Passionflower is an ideal flower for enhance your terrace . It clings to trellises or railings. Its planting is recommended in large spaces. Indeed, it can reach a height of up to 6 meters. In terms of maintenance, this plant does not require much. All you have to do is prune it after flowering (June to October), place it in a warm place with good sun exposure and water it generously during the summer.

15- A Morning Glory Volubilis

Morning Glory Volubilis flowers. Credit: Nazanin Esfandyarpour

To give a mysterious aspect to your terrace or balcony , the cultivation of Morning Glory Volubilis is recommended. His beautiful purple flowers will offer you a pleasant spectacle and will make the space more welcoming. Its flowering period is between July and October. It is a not very hardy plant, but it can withstand a temperature of less than 5°C. Ipomée Volubilis is appreciated for its ease of maintenance. All you need to do is water it frequently during the summer .

16- An ivy

An ivy planted indoors. Credit: Grumpy Cow Studios

Ivy is also a cannon plant to put on your terrace. Its green color will not only bring freshness, but also a little romantic side to the decor. Whether you are a beginner or an aspiring gardener, you will have no difficulty caring for this variety of plants. It supports almost all weather conditions . However, it particularly appreciates places well exposed to the sun's rays and well-drained soils.

17- A climbing sweet pea

An ideal climbing plant for terraces. Credit: Karin de Mamiel

This variety of climbing plant will also bring charm to your terrace. Its delicate fragrance and beautiful shade will make your summer days pleasant. Your guests will love spending time in this area of ​​the house. Whether you have a green thumb or not, you will have no problem with the climbing sweet pea. This plant is easy to maintain . It is highly valued for its rapid growth. You will enjoy its beauty in just a few months after planting.

18- A hydrangea

A joli hydrangea. Credit : SutidaS

The hydrangea is a flowering plant perfect for bringing character to your patio decor. Different very colorful varieties exist. You can grow this flower very well in a pot. To preserve its beauty, prune your plant every year just after flowering. Pay attention to young non-flowering stems. The latter already have beautiful seeds ready to bloom. During watering, avoid excess water which could leave the roots to rot.

19- A cistus

A cistus flower. Credit: Nisangha

The cistus is also a beautiful plant to make your terrace ultra hot. It will bring a touch of exoticism to your exterior and make it more welcoming. Cistus is easy to live with and requires very little maintenance. All it needs is a sunny spot and a pot suitable for its size, which can accompany it during its growth. Cistus appreciates dry soil, provided it is well drained.

20- An escallonia

Escallonia flowers. Credit: Scott O'Neill

Escalonia is a shrub that lends itself well to life on terraces. It will bring charm and originality to your small green space . Provided of course that you respect certain maintenance gestures. You must, for example, put it in a suitable pot and water it regularly during summer and autumn. In winter , regularly check the condition of your shrub to maintain the beauty of its foliage.